Monday, March 28, 2016

Why Brands Can Sometimes Be Your Enemy.

I want to explain my absent from blogging. Let's just begin this I'm not here to sugar coat things. I want to be as honest and real about situations a long time blogger can face when dealing with brands.

As a blogger you want to be big, and popular. That's just a natural thing to want, you want people to read your blog. You want companies to want to work with you. I feel that way from time to time.

It's truly hard to do; constantly creating content that's appealing to you and your audience. Throw in a full time job and life it just gets difficult. Make it a little more hectic a full time job, working out, and a significant other then blogging becomes near impossible. Which if you are working with a brand they might not understand/care. Not everyone can not work. Not everyone has the luxury to only blog and live off their online earnings. Not everyone will have the spark to capture people's attention. (I, myself think that I lack that spark sometimes) The blogging sphere has exploded and flooded in the last 2 or 3 years.

Here's a little word to the wise from one burnt out blogger to the next. Unless you think you'll love the item/concept don't offer to review it.

You can tell a brand before working with you that you have the choice not to review if you do not like the item but they won't care. They will turn nasty sometimes.

Sometimes they will approach you, send you products then turn around and insult you. They will tell you that your follower count is too small. That you do not have enough of an impact. Well that hurts. Contact me first just to insult me.

It's not fun to be bullied by a brand. Not even a good brand at that.

My end advice to all the bloggers out there be you. Be the brand you created for yourself. If you don't think you'll like the product then don't offer to review it. Be honest when you go to review it. Don't lie and make the product sound better then it is.

But most of all, don't let yourself be bullied by a brand. Don't let it ruin blogging for you.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Madam Glam Gel Polish Brand Review + Swatches

PR Sample/Purchased(loved it so much bought my own!)
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I have been using Madam Glam Gel polishes since 2014 when they first came out(here). That's a really long time in the beauty world without jumping to a new brand, like decades really. I have to say my love has stayed true, with only straying once or twice to try something new before circling back to my tried and true.

Click down below to see the honest break down of Madam Glam Gel Polish Brand.

Friday, December 4, 2015

December Wen TSV Preview

I find it so fitting my return to blogging is to share the December Wen TSV! I am back with big news! I found a job! I finally found a big girl job after college! After countless interviews with the response of not having enough experience I landed a full time job! Yay! Now I FINALLY have time to blog again! Glad to be back!
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Onto the QVC Wen TSV. Every December they do a Wen Sampler pack.  This year is no different. The TSV has 5 bottles of cleansing conditioners in a set, with 3 different sets to choose from. The code for a 1 shipment is A269927 and the Auto Delivery shipment with 2 total sets is A276132. The TSV is $79.90 with the option of 5 easy pays for about $16 + S&H and tax.

What is different this year is the fact you can choose the Protein filled Cleansing Conditioner option of Bamboo Green Tea, Mandarin Fig and a Fragrance Cleansing Conditioner!
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What's included with the Protein Cleansing Conditioners are 2 Bamboo Green Tea (Review here), 2 Mandarin Fig, 1 Fragrance Free.

Another set is filled with the regular flavors.
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I have tried all of these flavors. My Favorite scent wise is Fig(review) and Sweet Almond Mint. My hair looks the best with Fig, Lavender(Review). Since I started using Tea Tree oil myself and my hair dresser notice new growth! If you're new to Wen I totally suggest this set! Here's a total brand review 

It came out with the usual seasonal flavors.
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I have tried all of these but Winter Mint. My favorite out of this group is torn between Ginger Pumpkin and Honey Lilac(Review). While I love how my hair smells and looks with Pumpkin, I'm not a fan of the scent of Honey Lilac. As for Honey Peach and Coconut Lime I don't really like how it treated my hair, they felt oily and knotty at the bottom. (Review)

Overall I'm backing this as a good buy. I am personally skipping this due to I picked up the September TSV in two different flavors and all stocked up! Will you be buying this TSV? Which are your favorite flavors? 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired by a Special Child in your life


While life/job hunting got in the way of me posting on time, I do want to post the manicure I did for that week's prompt! 
Does anyone have suggestions for getting yourself into a blogging routine?
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I am beyond pleased to announced that I have been welcomed to be a part of Twinsie Tuesday. I have been following it throughout the years during my blogging journey! This week's challenge is inspired by special child in your life.

My favorite little ones in my life still LOVE Frozen, I couldn't help but use this top coat for my frozen inspired nails because they just love the movie. 

I have to admit that I too am still in love with Frozen with the kids. Maybe we'll start getting cooler weather where I am! It has been feeling more like Spring than Fall lately! 

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Base:  Sinful Colors - Cinderella
Top Coat - Funky Finger- OLAF

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations!

I am proud to admit I am a Sephora VIB Rouge member so my 20% sale is this weekend Nov 6th to Nov 9th use code Rouge20! If you're just a VIB member your sale weekend is Nov 13- 16th. I know BI (Beauty Insiders) get 10% off but I do not know the exact dates yet!

This is my full detailed video of all the products I recommend buying and all the products I say skip!