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I am only a makeup fanatic, I do not claim to be a professional in this field of knownledge. I write to share my personal honest opinions and beliefs.  The items I review on my blog are bought by me, unless otherwise stated. All of the reviews are my honest opinions of the product. I don’t just write bull just to post things. 

When sent an item there is no guarantee that I will write a review. When and if I write a review I will write it with my own personal opinion. I will be completely honest with the item just the same as I am with items that I personally bought. 

If you have a problem or are unsatisfied with a product I can not help you, this blog is only a record of my experience with a certain product, whether it be hair dye, eye makeup, face makeup or nail polish. Sorry if you try something I love and you hated. If you have a medical problem due to a product seek medical help immediately. Seriously go get that treated! 

I can not promise you results on a job hunt, these are only suggestions to help you on your job hunt. 

This is my life and how I live it. If you don’t like it- it is what it is. My advice is just that. Advice.

If you want to reach out and talk to me, have questions or want me to review an item please email abeautyandthebusiness@gmail.com . PR Friendly. 

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