Unboxing: FabFitFun Fall 2017

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I am in love with this box! Finally a great items throughout that makes this box worth it. Not only is the monetary value over the $50 but also the box item value is well worth paying that price in full! This is not a FabFitFun box to miss! Click down below to see what I got in my box! 

Just in case you don’t know how the FabFitFun boxes work it’s a quarterly box full of 100% full sized goodies with the theme of mind, body and skin health within the box. It’s on the pricier side of subscription boxes coming in at $49.99 a box plus shipping.  It’s a big jump from only $10 a month box but to me it’s a great treat! You can sign up using my referral here. You get to try a fun box (they always have coupon codes for the first box) and I get a credit on my account towards a new box!

Mer-Sea & Co Scarf – This item was one I was NOT looking forward to – Another scarf? Come on give us something new!! However I’m in love with it. It’s softer than a baby’s butt! I picked the blue color scarf which I know I’ll be using a lot this fall and winter, it’s so soft and has a good weight to it. I’m a little surprised that this scarf is 100% polyester, it doesn’t feel that way. The big downside is that this is a handwash item which is annoying. While this scarf retails for $98 and I love it –  I wouldn’t repurchase this scarf myself. That is wayyyy to expensive for a scarf let alone a polyester scarf. 

Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder – I was excited for this item initially but after getting it if feels super flimsy for something that costs $33 normally. While I will definitely put it to use and it does look cute I wouldn’t repurchase it. 

Private Party Gym Bag – This was a really cute add on. This wasn’t the fitness item I was truly looking to get I still love it. My bag’s saying is “Will workout for cupcakes.” Which is 100% true! This feels super sturdy jean like material,  even though I fill this up with all my gym items. This retails for $59. I would purchase a bag like this for the gym around that price. Very cute and functional. 

Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil – This oil is awesome! I put it on my fingertips at night before I go to bed before lotion with my moisture gloves (or rubber gloves) to lock the moisture in. Since we’ve been doing renovations on our new house my nails and cuticles have been in shambles. This oil is has helped with this a lot. I will definitely purchase this when this bottle is done! This retails for $12.50. 

Whish Beauty Renewing Mud Mask I use a lot of mud masks in general. I rotate between 4 masks I use regularly 2 mud masks and 2 Lush masks. I used this twice already and like it. My skin feels smooth and soft after using this. To be honest this mask doesn’t do anything more special than my current mud masks. This is not to say this isn’t a great mask. It has to be a great mask to be on the same level as the ones in my routine currently.  I would recommend it but once this is used up if I don’t see much difference after 2 months of using this I won’t repurchase. I’m a firm believer when you find something that works there is no need to switch it up when it comes to your skin. This retails for $48. I would recommend this as of now. 

Mytagalongs Hot & Cold Gel Pack – I’ve only used this as a cold back so far. It works well after a couple defrosts and refreezes. I really like it and will definitely repurchase when the wear and tear of this item makes me throw it out. I think the price is a good price for something that feels super sturdy. I’m not afraid the package will pop. This retails for $15. 

Trestique Matte Color & shiny Balm Lip Crayon I’m a huge Lipsense fan so this doesn’t really interest me. I might use it, I might not. I haven’t tested it out yet. I’ve actually have a few items from this brand due to boxes like Ipsy and Sephora yet haven’t actually purchased anything from this band myself yet. This retails for $28. 

The Beauty Innovation Boost:

Dphue Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse- I haven’t actually tried this yet so I won’t ring in on it. I’m an avid WEN user and has been since almost the start of this blog. I’m really excited to give this a go. This wouldn’t be something I’d use every day but something to clarify my scalp I think. I will be doing a review on this after a few uses. Retails for $35.

 Fashion Boost:

Mia Belt-  I wasn’t thrilled with either fashion item to pick. I figured I’d get more use out of the belt. It feels super sturdy for being a 100% synthetic leather. I will definitely be using this with some outfits to clinch in my waist. This belt retails for $55 and I can say I wouldn’t purchase this again if it breaks. I wouldn’t pay that much for fake leather. 

Their “free” item of the box was Cottonelle Flushable wipes. Which I actually use in real life. Theiy’re great when you have your period- enough said. Here you can get a 12 pack of travel ones. This link gives you what I buy for our house. I purchase them in bulk because they’re cheaper and these lasts me almost a full year! I also keep the full sized ones in my purse in a zip lock baggie. 


AHAVA Dead Sea Bath Salt, fabfitfun fall box, fabfitfun box, fall 2017 box, beauty subcription, resistance bands, dphue apple cider vinegar hair rinse, gel back, which, deco cuticle oil, mer sea & co, a beauty and the business,

I decided to give the resistance band workouts a try. I was able to pick up the Mytagalongs 3 resistance bands. I only used them once so far and they seem sturdy enough. It’s my first encounter with resistance band training so I don’t have much to compare with.

I also picked up the AHAVA Dead Sea Bath Salt I’m excited to give this a try but first I’ll have to get my bathroom remodel finished before doing so.


 In my FabFitFun Spring 2017 box (Blog Post) I received the Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummings with Biotin. I have since been repurchasing them! They taste great and have all the beauty vitamins I need to keep my skin and hair at it’s top shape from the inside out. There’s only 3 vitamins in these gummies Vitamin C & E and Biotin. Nice thing is there’s no artificial colors or flavors in these gummies. A two pack on amazon at the time of the post are only $17.99 which is a steal since you have to pay the premium for gummy vitamins. I use theses gummies combined with my women’s adult vitamin. I love when you can find an item in a box and integrate them into your life!

VERDICT:  While a lot of these products I wouldn’t repurchase again on my own I still love this box. I’ll enjoy those while they last. I found at least 3 items I know that I would repurchase with 2 more I still have to try. To me that’s a great box I highly suggest picking up the FabFitBun Fall 2017 box ASAP before it sells out! Use Promo Code: SPICE to get $10 off your fall box!

Spent on box: $45 

Box worth: $383.50 

What do you guys think? Did anyone else get this box? Do you love it? Hate it?

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