Victoria Secret New Body Care System Hydrating Body Lotion in Coconut Milk Review


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If I buy the body wash of something I always want the matching body lotion, today being no different. I have to admit the promotional price of $8 per item did interest me. (Currently 3 for $30) 

What it promises: 


Your secret to soft, sexy skin, blending our natural Cotton Moisture Complex for lasting hydration and conditioning coconut milk for ultimate moisture every day.


Step three in our four-step Ultimate Moisture System for nourished, touchable skin from head to toe.

  • Exclusive Cotton Moisture Complex for ultimate hydration

  • Continuous 24-hour moisture

  • Infused with coconut milk for its soothing and moisturizing properties

  • Clinically proven formula

  • International patent-pending technology

  • Paraben free

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What I found:

EDIT: Since using this in the colder months I have found that it is not that moisturizing. When I use it I always mix it with the oil because it is not enough moisture on it’s own. I will not be repurchasing the lotion. I will only pick up the oil. 

I have to say this lotion smells amazing! While it smells amazing I wouldn’t say it’s as moisturizing as it claims make it to be. – Not that it’s not moisturizing, it is for summer weather that is. 

I love to apply this right after I shower or right before I hop in bed, the soft coconut scent is very comforting. The scent also does not interfere with whatever perfume you choose to wear with this. It’s a light summery coconut smell, almost like a vanilla coconut soothing scent that would be light enough for baby products. I know that sounds crazy but it makes sense to me! 

While the moisture levels are not on par for something I would hope with these kinds of claims but it does make the skin feel super soft after use. My skin does not feel parched half way through the day, but it could use a good dose of moisture in the evening! 

After using this lotion for almost a month now I have to say my skin has remained soft and happy when used in combination of the matching cream body wash(review here). I will note I would recommend a heavier lotion for winter use, OR mix in the matching body oil with the lotion for a great moisture punch! 


  • Smells devine 
  • Layers well
  •  Little goes a long way
  • Easily obtainable
  • Lightly moisturizes skin for summer use


  • Pricy – picked it up for $8 but normally is 3 for $30
  • Not super moisturizing, will need to be mixed with the matching body oil for winter use.

VERDICT: While I do love this lotion in conjunction with the matching cream body wash and body oil the lotion by itself is a little bit of a dud – a big bummer for me.  EDIT: after using it in the colder months this can not be used alone. While it smells amazing I won’t be purchasing this again. Skip

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