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I’m a WEN girl. I have probably annoyed you all by now how much I talk about what WEN has done to my hair. On that note I will cut to the chase, click down below to see what I think about the newest spring seasonal Honey Lilac.

What it promises:

What is it: The WEN Spring Seasonal line is expanding to include their newest formula, Spring Honey Lilac. Get a taste of the season with a choice of Spring Honey Lilac, Spring Orange Blossom, or Spring Gardenia Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner.

Who is it for: Perfect for anyone looking to simplify their hair-care routine and have beautiful, healthier-looking hair. With one product, you replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in, and detangler.

Why is it different: Chaz Dean designed this Cleansing Conditioner from the ground up. His universal formula is the perfect cleanser for all hair types and textures.

How do I use it: Apply the Cleansing Conditioner to the scalp and hair per the label directions, adding a splash of water to evenly distribute. Massage thoroughly into hair and leave on for the
remainder of your shower. Rinse thoroughly and completely. Apply 1/2 to 1 pump depending on hair length and texture as a leave-in conditioner to soaking wet hair. For best results, Chaz suggests you cleanse, rinse, and repeat, using half the pumps for the first cleanse, and the remaining half for the second cleanse.

What I found:

I must full admit 100% I HATE the smell of this cleansing conditioner. I really can’t stand the laundry scent to it. What I must also admit I am in LOVE with how it makes my hair look and feel. 

This formula is super creamy which makes it super easy to message into your scalp and hair.  Chaz does not lie when he saids this is a nice mix between the regular scents and 613. I am so impressed with how creamy this is and how soft my hair feels after I use it! 

I love how my hair feels after using it I decided I’ll keep it, and keep using it even if I can’t stand the scent. I’m serious he really hit it out of the park with this one, minus the scent. 

For this cleansing Conditioner I use 4 for my scalp, than 1 for my ends on the first wash. On the second was I use 3 for my scalp and 1 for my ends. I have fine, shoulder length hair. 

I also like using this as a leave in conditioner now, I use about a pea size on my soaking wet hair really message it into my ends. I then run the rest through my hair top to bottom. My hair stylist commented on how much less dead ends she had to cut off since I started using the WEN as a leave in. 


  • Super creamy
  • Easy to message into hair
  • Shiny hair 
  • Super soft ends 
  • Great as a leave in conditioner, a pea size


  • The scent, this lilac scent is not for me, yuck! 
  • The price makes me cry a bit

Also just for posting sake to keep everything in one place below is a photo of my hair before using Wen: 

Before Wen: 

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Washed with Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

After Using Wen for 6 months

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VERDICT: While I can’t stand the scent of this Spring seasonal, I am in love with the way it makes my hair feel! I recommend this to everyone! Your hair will thank you! 

You can check out my video review of the range:

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