WEN Hair Care Range Overview + Video Review

I’ve done a lot of reviews of Wen over the years. Everyone who reads my blog knows I love me some Wen cleansing conditioners. After going from blood red hair to bleach blonde well, it was going to take the big guns to save my poor fried and fragile hair.

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I can not praise Wen enough it truly has made my hair become healthy again and grow. Chaz Dean the creator is also a very lovely man. His products never test on animals. All his products use very natural oils and good for you products.

I will also be the first to a admit Wen is expensive as hell. I really have to budget it into my spending. That being said it you can only get one product I would say spend it on the Cleansing Conditioners. They are the key to lovely hair.

I have used the styling cremes, hair oils, and replenishing mists. I do love them all but they’re so expensive for me. I can only afford them when they come in sets and TSV on QVC.

Below is my YouTube overview of the WEN Range:

Check out my other Wen review to find the best pick for you! 

Fall Apple Spice  Cleansing Conditioner- This has my review, Before and After photos. My Friend’s Before and After photos as well.

Winter Cranberry Mint Cleansing Conditioner

Lavender Cleansing Conditioner 

Fig Cleansing Conditioner

Fig Replenishing Mist  

So in a nutshell I 100% suggest giving WEN a try! Just remember don’t skimp. You won’t see results if you don’t properly use Wen. I can’t tell you how often I notice people who say they don’t like Wen they don’t use the proper amount for their hair.  Now I do understand even using the proper amount you might still hate it, and that’s fine. 

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