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I don’t know about everyone else but I get so excited for Lush’s Seasonal releases! When I say excited I really mean I stalk the lush website to fill up my wish list with all the fun looking items to sniff when I stop at my local Lush store front! When something was advertise to smell like The Comforter Bubble Bar I couldn’t pass it up! Click down below to see what I thought of it! 

What it promises:

A berry-licious sudser: 

There’s an old Scandinavian saying: “where the berries grow, the reindeer gather” and it couldn’t be truer for our Reindeer Rock soap. This reindeer-embossed sudser is made with dried lingonberry infusion, and bergamot and cypress oils to uplift and calm your mind and body. As you lather up and prepare for the Christmas rush, breathe deep and let the aroma wash over you, while the embossed reindeer silently reminds you that you can skip the holiday rush and just order everything online.

Lather up with warm water, taking time to enjoy the gorgeous aromas, then rinse clean. For optimal longevity, keep your soap in a well-drained dish between uses.

What I found:  

I took one sniff of this soap and I had to have it! It smells exactly like the Comforter. It was honestly love at first sniff. I decided to buy $11 worth of this soap which was only .35 pound of soap. I have to say for only being less than half a pound I got a lot of soap. It fits in the palm of my hand fully. 

I have to admit as much as I love this scent I was very hesitant because I found Lush bar soaps to be drying, in my opinion. I also haven’t tried any Lush bar soaps since they went Palm oil-Free so I figured I’d give this a whirl. 

I have to say not drying like the soap I tried a few years ago, but I don’t find it moisturizing. My skin was felt clean but not dry or moisturized. I would recommend to definitely make sure you use a moisturizer after showering when using this. 

WARNING!!!! This soap NEEDS a dish bowl WITHOUT holes!! IT bleeds red everywhere!! EVERYWHERE!! 

Okay so it bleeds since it such a dark redish purpleish color. My blue shower sponge is now tinged purple. It does not stain the bottom of my shower, or myself. I do love this soap but I wish Lush didn’t add so much red color, they used “Red 33 , Red 27 , Red 4 ,Violet 2(taken from the ingredient list)” that’s a lot of dye for just a soap. I think they could do without. Also after first use the silvery coloring on the front of my deer imprint washes away, no biggie. 


  • Smells divine exactly like The Comforter Bubble Bar
  • I feel squeaky clean
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Vegan and cruelty free 


  • All that red dye! Store this in a soap dish without holes!! 

I just wanted to leave a link to an article that Lush produced about why they are moving all their products to Palm Oil free items! You can read it here! 

VERDICT: I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this again, even if all that red dye drives me crazy. I have to say I think I’m going to buy a spare bar of this because they discontinued a fan favorite of my ponche! This is limited supply seasonal item, if you want to try it you better hurry and pick it up! Repurchase!! 

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