How I Clean My Makeup Brushes + tutorial

I will fully admit I’m lazy, and gross because I wash my brushes only once a month. I know its bad for me. It should be done more often and sometimes it’ll get done every other weekend. Most times just once a month.

For those who never cleans your brushes and just throw them out after a year, that’s not good for your skin OR your makeup application. I know its a little hard to take when I only do it once a month myself but makeup will build up in your brushes.

When there is makeup buildup in your brushes they don’t apply as well as they used to. When that happens your makeup application doesn’t look it’s best. Which can be such a bummer.

Also somethings shouldn’t be mixed. When you start to mix too many kinds of foundation in your foundation brush and not washing in between brands it can create this gunky build up which will make you throw out your brushes. Which also sucks.

Enough of the lecture, here’s how I clean my brushes:

  • I take a small bowl and put a little of my ELF brush cleaner in the bottom and fill it with water. 
  • Doing 1 brush at a time I swirl it around the bottom of the bowl
  • After I swirl it I take it and swirl it in my hand to help the soap really get into the bristles. 
  • I then wash the brush out using lukewarm water. Running water through the brushes until it runs clean after many squeezes. 

I continue that process with the rest of my brushes. I have to refill the water and add soap after every couple brushes. When the water in the bowl gets too dirty it’s time to change the soap and water out.

It’s pretty simple process. Nothing too fancy. I do like to try and set the brushes upside when drying so the water doesn’t drip down the brush and loosen the glue holding the brush hair. 

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