Worth the Splurge? LAQA & Co Sheer lip lube pencil in menatour


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I got this in one of my birchboxes. As soon as I saw this I was a little scared to be honest. A Purple lip product? I gave it a whirl anyway, click down below to see what I thought! 

What it promises: 

Brand-spanking-new-alert!!Lip Lube is a light and glossy hydrating lip balm – perfect for everyday wear. The peppermint-shea butter formula delivers an oh-so addictive hit of mint and moisture, with each application. All in a handy twist up pencil. BOOM!

What I found: 

The color is a very unattractive shade for my skin tone.
Purples are not meant for my peachy undertones. If I was porcelain this might

This is an expensive version of Revlon’s just bitten lip
pencils, but without the long lasting power. In my honest opinion that is. 

It’s minty, feels a bit waxy going on. I wouldn’t say its
moisturizing it feels like it’s only a layer on top of my lips verses sinking
in. Also wears away pretty fast.I
wouldn’t waste my money on this. also the cap isn’t tight enough so it’ll
easily pop off in your bag and go everywhere – yes it did happen to me, but
thankfully I kept it in a makeup bag. I would have cried if it got all over in my fossil bag!

LAQA & Co Sheer lip lube pencil in menatour, laqa co lip pencil, pencil menatour, revlon just bitten,

The purple isn’t actually that sheer its really noticeable
on my lips.I think it’s supposed to be
glossy but it’s matte within an hour. When I tell you that this color is bright and opaque I’m not kidding just look!! 


  • Opaque
  • Minty taste


  • Waxy
  • Sits on my lips not moisturizing
  • I find this color unattractive on me. 

VERDICT: While I’m not the biggest fan of this color for me, the formula isn’t that bad. I just rather buy the revlon just bitten pencils, if it’s not broke why fix it? You know what I’m saying. SKIP

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