NYX Pin-Up Tease Mascara review

Back a few months ago I unfortunately got pink eye from work again. Yay me! Not! I had to throw a lot of eye products out – sad me 🙁 Since I had to buy a new mascara I decided to pick up something new. I stopped at CVS to look through what NYX had to offer. I picked up Pin-up Tease Mascara, click down below to see how I liked this!

What it promises: 

NYX Pin-Up Tease Boudoir Mascara:

  • Features a smudge-free formulation that adds major curl to the lash as it coats them with sexy, vibrant color
  • Hard bristle combs help separate lashes and shape their curl
  • Part of the Boudoir Mascara Collection, seven distinct NYX mascaras featuring unique formulations and wands – a must for every artists kit!Collection Boudoir consists of 7 formulas and distinctive wands, each mascara delivers full, lengthening, and curled lashes. Extend, volumize, and darken lashes with the wide range of mascaras. Look bright-eyed for 24 hours smudge-free with beautiful lashes! To volumize and lengthen lashes. Dense dome brush to reach each lash
  • What I found:

    I totally was not okay with buying all a lot of new eye products but I decided to take that opportunity to try a couple new products. This mascara being one of them.

    With Pin-up in the name I was hoping for nothing short of a mircle for my fringe. Pin-up girls are my makeup inspiration they always had lovely fringe!

    Does this mascara deliver you ask? Boy is this mascara black! I love how dark my lashes look! It also thickens my lashes pretty well. My favorite thing about this mascara is how well it holds a curl. The curl lasts from the minute the mascara is applied til the end of the day when I try to remove this mascara.  Volume and lenght is eh. Which is SUCH a disappointment! It’s the perfect shade of mascara, holds a curl, doesn’t flake or smudge but the volume and length just isn’t there.

    I really love the brush, it’s my favorite kind The brush has short plastic bristles in a curved shape. In my opinion the best for curl and definiation. 

     * Warning! Warning! Pain in the tuckus alert! Danger Danger use oil while removing! * 

     I hope you read that in a robotic warning voice. 

    All jokes aside this mascara does not budge all day, and it is pretty hard to remove. I use baby oil to remove my eye makeup and even with the baby oil I had to do a combination of letting it soak on my lash line then rub it with the cotton ball. 

    That being said this is perfect for those occasions when you don’t want your mascara to move such as pool or beach days. Would I recommend this for wedding wear? Yes and No. 

    Yes because come on a mascara that holds a curl all day, no smudging or flaking, as well as doesn’t budge through tears. How can you not want that for wedding makeup. 

    I say no because I wouldn’t suggest the bride wear this unless you naturally have long lashes. There’s no length to this. 


    • Long wearing
    • No smudging 
    • No Flakes
    • Holds a Curl
    • Super dark black mascara 


    • No length added
    • No volume added
    • Super hard to remove even with baby oil. 

    VERDICT: As much as I love the curl and lasting power I just can’t say I’d buy this again. I am a girl after length above all else. This mascara is a skip for me. 

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