Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Treatment Review


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I’m in the process of trying to grow out my hair. I’m tried of bob/shoulder length hair. It’s hard to grow your hair out when every time you get a trim you’re cutting at least a half of inch of split ends. I decided to give this a whirl to help me grow out my hair. Click down below to see how this fared.
What it promises:

What I found:
 NOTE – I tried and wrote most of this review back in January it just got lost in the shuffle of life.
I know one of the reasons I can’t seem to grow out my hair is because of the damage I’ve done to it by lightening it a couple of levels. I’ve been using my wen, and my hair has been great! It’s just my ends are filled with split ends!

When I was sitting on a coupon code and a ton of points from Birchbox I decided to give this a try. If I didn’t like it I could return it since Birchbox has a good return policy. I mean what’s there to loose right? Wrong!

What took me 2 trims to figure out was that this product fixed my split ends, but dried out my hair in return! My hairdresser asked me what happened to me using wen. Even she too noticed a difference in my hair that wen made. I told her nothing, which then prompted her to ask what I was using in my hair. The only thing different was this Nexxus split end treatment.

I applied this to damp hair, right out of taking my hair out of the towel wrap after a shower. I only applied it to my ends down. I used this for about 4 months straight before my hairdresser brought it to my attention it’s drying out me ends. Which led me to cut more hair off in a trim! The item I bought to help grow my hair was hindering me. To say I was upset was an understatement!

Let me take a quick second to explain what Protein does to the hair. Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Treatment is filled with protein. Protein strengthens your hair but making it harder. When protein is used to frequently it will make the hair so hard it becomes crispy. Example A my ends. I used this everytime I washed my hair, which was just too much.

I think on the bottle it should say to only use this once a week because too much protein damages hair. Just like too much moisture makes your hair heavy.


  • Didn’t feel my hair greasey
  • I didn’t have split ends but I had severe dry ends instead. 


  • Gave me dry ends, that cracked when you rubbed them together. 

VERDICT: As you can tell I won’t repurchase this. It made my ends so dry they cracked when I rubbed them together! Thank god my hair dresser pointed this out to me! 

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