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I’ve been avoiding typing up another birchbox reveal post. I don’t want to bad mouth a company per se but it’s gotten quite out of hand. This month my box showed up at my door on the 15th, but at least this time I got shipping information on the 11th. What my problem is that my box didn’t come with the Ruffin nail polish remover wipes like promised, which is like WTF if my box isn’t late there is something wrong with the items in it.

Honestly ever since they moved their warehouse the service has been really going down hill. I had no issues with Birchbox until February of this year. It really does make me sad how the customer service and product quality has gone down the drain.

Like I said above I do not want to bad mouth Birchbox as a company, I’ve listed my complaints in last month’s birchbox review here. I will just show you the items in my box and talk about them for a little bit.

Oh hey look a year subscription to women’s health magazine they did this last year as part of the April 2013 box. Which I never received my subscription I tried to resolve that with birchbox but it was ‘out of their hands’ . I’m going to attempt to get the refund because I’m not a fan of Women’s Health I’m more of a self magazine reader. 

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Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream I haven’t tried this but I do plan to test it out. I know I will not repurchase it because the $38 price tag is too steep for me. 

LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil I received the most unattractive shade for my pale skin tone. Purple is NOT for me. Poor color choice, what in the world was birchbox thinking giving me a sample of this shade?  This is not sheer its really pigmented on my lips. Also this tastes and feels like Revlon just bitten lip stains very pepperminty. I’ll stick with the cheaper version Revlon of this.  No need to buy this one.

RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer – Ambrosia This is a purple-ly pink metallic polish. Haven’t tried it yet due to my gel manicure but if it isn’t a streaky formula I’ll be using this in the fall a lot! I picked this shade as the part of pick your sample in your box for July.

RUFFIAN Dressing Room Nail Lacquer Remover Towelettes I was supposed to get these in my birchbox but as you can tell by my photo I did not.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel I am SO glad this came in my box! This was one item I was praying to get in my box. I was really excited when I saw the box size thinking I was going to get a decent sample size. Nope the lid is bigger than the tube. I see 2 full uses, and maybe a 3rd use for a targeted treatment like cheeks or forehead. The price is really steep at $48 but if it works I might have to invest in it.

Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Hair Mask It seems like once again birchbox is trying to shove this brand down my throat. I have yet to like any of the items from this brand. I don’t know what it is but It just does not work well with my fine, damaged hair. I’m actually surprised they gave us two mini containers. The amount of product in each container gives about 1 full and maybe just the ends for a second use. If you’re lucky you could probably squeeze 3 uses out of these two tubs. It also smells like guy axe (gross) with a strong hint of vanilla. I will throw this in my sample box.

I’m not happy with birchbox anymore. It’s so clear to see my level of service does not match what I pay or goes with my loyalty to the company. It’s time to shoot the dying horse. I’m canceling my birchbox it was a nice 17 month long run with you birchbox but it’s time to say goodbye.

I will consider continuing to shop using the bircbhox store due to it’s promotions as well as being an aces member until december so free shipping.

Did anyone else have such a terrible experience with a monthly box subscription?

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