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I’m a Wen girl. My hair hasn’t been this healthy since before I started to dye my hair. I love Fig by far my favorite scent and cleansing conditioner from Wen so I of course have to try the replenishing mist! Click down below to see what I think!
What it promises:

What is it: A replenishing treatment mist that can be used to revive hair between cleansings or in place of leave-in conditioner to help create additional volume and body.

Who is it for: Designed for all hair types.

Why is it different: Formulated with a unique blend of restorative botanicals, extracts, and argan oil, this replenishing treatment mist gives your hair, face, and body an instant pick-me-up with its rejuvenating and moisturizing properties.

How do I use it: For hair lacking body and volume, you can replace conditioner by using the mist. Spritz on dry/styled hair to add extra moisture and hydration. It will also absorb instantly into the skin when used on the face or body–leaving it soft, supple and smooth.
What I found: 
I got this replenishing mist with my TSV set with the 42 oz Fig cleansing conditioner. I love that the scent exactly matches the cleansing conditioner. I use it a lot on my ends to help give moisture to my damaged locks. 

I’ve been using a replenishing mist for the last 6 month, either this or lavender. I honestly can’t tell the difference between using it and not sometimes. I don’t feel my hair is much more moisturized. It does smooth frizzies and my ends down a bit. 

On next day hair I’m a little greasy at the roots but my ends are super parched. I spray it on my ends and I must admit it helps a little, but they’re still dry. 

I still really like my replenishing mist a lot even if it doesn’t moisturize my hair as well as I want it to. It smoothes my frizzies, it perfumes day old hair, and no matter how much I spray it doesn’t weight down my hair or make it greasy. 

One thing that I love the most is if I spray the hair tie indents I can blow dry them out and it won’t weigh down my hair! LOVE! 


  • Tames Frizzy hair
  • Smells Divine 
  • Livens up my ends a little
  • Never weighs down hair
  • Never Makes hair greasy


  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t moisturizes as much as I hoped it would

VERDICT: While this might not perform how I want it to but I will continue to use it daily. It really does freshen up my hair. It smells divine!!   I do strongly recommend to use this with the Wen Cleansing Conditioners. I love what Wen has done to my hair! Just look at the photos of before with my afters it’s a huge difference! But watch out it’s pricey! Buy it from QVC!!

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