May Favorites 2014

Another month came and passed in a blink of an eye. I don’t even know where all my time goes! I’ve been pretty busy holding down the fort between working two jobs and summer school. Pretty busy and it’s only the beginning of the summer!

Today is Mr. J’and I’s anniversary so I’m pretty excited about going out to dinner tonight. I wanted to get a post up quick today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have an outfit makeup post! Maybe is the operative word, ha!

Whish Blueberry Shaving Cream, Whish Blueberry Hair Inhibiting Gel, Garnier Anti-puff eye roller, Olay Beautify Daily Lotion, Peter Thomas Roth Anti-aging Gel, Tarte Beyond BB Foundation, Wen 6-13,

Summer is coming!! Whew!! Which means I need to start getting ready for leg season! I’ve been shaving my legs a lot more because of it. I’ve been using Whish Blueberry Shaving Cream religiously for over a year now. I get a smooth shave each time and it smells yummy! I’ve been pairing it with Whish Blueberry Hair Inhibiting Gel. My legs feel super soft after using it. I use it once a day on my calves only, just a pump for each leg. I can’t comment on it too much just starting using it but I only have to shave my legs once a week which is really nice!!

Garnier Anti-puff eyeroller has been a life saver! I love using it in the morning to help wake me up.

Olay Beautify Daily Lotion I’ve been using this lotion nightly for years now. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Love this lotion lightweight, sinks right in. My skin is never parched when I use this!

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-aging Cleanser Gel I love this face wash. It really keeps my acne away! I know it saids anti-aging in the title but it has great acne fighters in it too! Just watch out it’s drying so I can only use it once a day.

Tarte Beyond BB Foundation I love this foundation. It gives medium coverage. It actually still looks like my skin after I use this but more even. Lasts all day with primer and setting powder.

Wen 6-13 Styling Creme I’ve been blow drying my hair on cool lately and I love how smooth my hair is when I use this!

Twistbands. I drank the kool aid. Love them for my hair now a days, and super cute!

And finally Julep Iona just a lovely purple color! Beautiful!!

What are your favorites of May? Does anyone love Wen as much as I do?

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