Ipsy bag June 2014

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This month has been a tough one for me. Summer school is just as time consuming as my two jobs. The little joys in life that make it all bearable are my month subscription boxes. Little surprises that are great pick me ups!

If you either know me personally or follow my twitter you can see that I am NOT very happy with birchbox, 3rd month in a row that’s late. As it stands now it’s 8 days missing.

When I got my ipsy bag in the mail on Saturday I was over the moon! First of the bag is beyond cute!

Sometimes I love getting bags, sometimes I don’t. This is definitely a happy bag! I will be using this as a makeup bag in my purse!

Now how are the items inside the bag you ask? Just as cool!

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I got Nickak Shimmer Eyeliner in Green – It’s a beautiful emerald shimmery liner! I will be doing colorful winged liner again this summer! The dry time is a little slow but once dry it last great! smudges minimally.

Bombshell Mascara in lashout –Not too thrilled about this one, and it’s only because I got an empty mascara in this bag. I would have loved to try it! I just contacted ipsy about it because I did not realize about it before I sat down to write this review.

Marc Anthony Beach Spray I’m not a fan of beach spray because I either don’t know how to use them or they just don’t like my hair. Either way I haven’t mastered it yet, but I’m willing to try.

Skinn Olive and Enzyme Cleanser  I haven’t tried this yet, a little nervous too because my skin is sensitive and has been hating any new product I try lately. But I will eventually give it a whirl.

NYX Buttergloss in Apple Strudel – On any normal given day I’m a huge fan of NYX. Love their lipstick and their powders. Also on any given day I’m a lip gloss hater, they just aren’t for me. I did give this a test run to see if I liked this. It’s okay, it does have a buttery feeling, or at least a thick smooth feeling. It is super gloss and can survive a few kiss. The color is nice, nothing that does more than lightly tints my lips. I think I have a friend who would be willing to take this off my hands and be super happy.

All in all I really like my bag, and the items in it this month. Even though the mascara came empty – (I’m sure they will end up replacing it) – I still feel like I got my $10 worth because of the 3 or 4 full sized items in this bag. I definitely would recommend ipsy over birchbox this month!

IF you want to join Ipsy for only $10 a month getting actual  deluxe size samples then click here through my referral code! 

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