Hair Essentials Month 2 update


Now this update isn’t as in detail as the first but still just as important.

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Just a quick reminder check out my Month 1 update here.

What Hair Essentials promises: 

The Ultimate Hair Growth Remedy – Works FAST!

    If you want thicker, fuller hair growth, Hair Essentials™ is the product for you:

    • Repairs damaged follicles
    • Stimulates new hair growth
    • Promotes thicker, fuller, faster-growing hair
    • Effective for all hair types
    • Doctor-formulated
    • 100% drug-free
    • Certified gluten-free

     Hair Essentials™ is an all-natural proprietary blend of more than 20 herbs and essential hair-healthy nutrients. It is 100% drug-free, certified gluten-free, and vegetarian, and is an effective and gentle formulation that naturally combats hair loss and stimulates healthy hair growth.

    What really distinguishes Hair Essentials™ from other hair growth products is its powerful,synergistic combination of multiple ingredients. Some hair vitamins and supplements inhibit DHT, a hormone that causes hair loss, while some help repair damaged hair follicles. Other supplements nourish the follicles for healthier new hair growth. Only Hair Essentials does ALL three!

    Our scientifically researched, doctor-formulated combination of more than 20 proven herbs and nutrients naturally combats hair loss, repairs and revitalizes damaged or dormant hair follicles and stimulates healthy hair growth. Each carefully selected ingredient reinforces the effects of the others, making Hair Essentials™ the most comprehensive hair supplement on the market. Quite simply, there’s no other hair growth remedy like it for women or men!

    What I found: 

    I’ve been taking Hair Essentials for two months now. In the first month I didn’t notice much growth, just less fall out. Didn’t notice a thickness in hair. 

    I still didn’t notice any improvement to growth time in my second month, but then again on the bottle it saids it should be taken for more than 90 before you see improvement. I’ve only been taking it for 60 days. 

    I didn’t notice an Improved amount of less fall out, but I also didn’t feel like I lost as much hair as I did within a course of a month before taking Hair Essentials.

    How do I measure my hair loss?  I have less hair falling out durning my showers, less hair I’m taking out of the hair trap. As well as less hair in my hair brushes when brush my hair. Finally I also notice I’m picking less hair off my shoulders after I run my hand through my hair.

    I can not really comment on the strength of my hair yet, too little hair growth to feel to determined.

    I can not comment on the shine because the new hair growth is the only part of hair that will be affect since these pills can not help existing hair growth.

    I did not notice thickness to my hair yet. My hair that is growing in still fells just as thick as my other hair.

    I know this post doesn’t seem like the pills are working but I haven’t given up hope, and will not say that yet. I have a 4 month supply to test out and it takes at least 3 months to actually start to see a difference. Hair only normally grows 1/4 inch to a half inch a month. I need a few months of new growth to make a proper assessment

    I’ve decided I will be trying to not   do a root touch up until end of July. Within that time I will hopefully have enough hair growth to judge the thickness and shine before I lighten it.

    Final words: I can not comment on much improvement at the moment, but this system takes time to kick in so I will continue the pills and wait to see what happens.

    ***WARNING: This was a sample given to me. And ALWAYS consult a doctor before taking new medicines. Something to notice at the Bottom of the FAQs they mentioned “If you are on any medications (including blood thinners, medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, or any other condition, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or other hormonal medications), consult your doctor prior to using any dietary supplement, including Hair Essentials™.” Side note from me if you are on a hormonal birth control you better start using two forms of protection, as well as definitely ask your doctor if it’s okay to take this before you start.  So remember always read everything, and check with your doctor. I am not one, I am just a normal person who is desperate to grow their hair out.

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