Birchbox: May 2014

I had a lot of issues with Birchbox as of late. I debated for a while if I wanted to even post about it this month.  You can check out my April review and found out that my Birchbox was late then too.  The fact that my Birchbox was over 10 days late. 10 days late. It is completely unacceptable for this to happen. Two months in a row.

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It was brought to my notice that yes they did move their warehouse but for the box to be late two months in a row it is unacceptable. It’s bad business. As well it makes me mad as hell. If I don’t like my box next month I’m strongly thinking that I will give up birchbox. This month marks my 16th birchbox and maybe it’s time to move on. I do already subscribe to Ipsy where I actually get testable sample sizes.

Below is a photo of my box.

birchbox, birchbox 2014 May, unhappy birchbox, i hate birchbox, birchbox sucks,

Oh look here’s my 3rd COOLA product in 16 birchboxes I love discovering new brands with birchbox. I received cooola’s After Sun Lotion. At least it’s not a sunscreen again this time. 

I received a Jouer Lip Gloss in Riviera it only tints the lips a little no red lips here. Wear time about hour or two as long as you don’t drink or snack or talk a lot. 

I don’t have color treated hair. In my survey I didn’t click I wanted shampoo or that I had color treated hair. But I did receive Nexxus Color Assure trio even though I don’t have colored hair. Thanks for letting me discover something not for my hair type. 

Perlier Body Cream in Shea Almond. Now this is something that I can discover! Something new! Not a brand I already received a ton of samples from already! Whew! I used this a few times and I do like it, but not it’s price tag. Depending on the size of the full size I might splurge on it. 

This month’s bonus is SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins for Adults. I don’t think birchbox would like to see my real opinion on getting gummy vitamins in my birchbox but I’ll share the milder version on what I think about it. Why the hell am I getting gummy vitamins in my beauty discovery box. Yes I can see where you say that you have to take care of what’s inside too. But the last time I checked I’ve been able to sallow pills since I was about 4 thanks to taking pills with a straw. I mean I’m 22 years old I can take a pill. Second of all the pill issue aside if you going to give us samples why isn’t there at least 6 in the packet? It said that you need to take 6 a day. 2 gummies will do nothing. Also these taste disgusting, too sweet. I don’t like sugar on my gummies. I’m pretty sure this is my most hated sample ever. 

Whew! Yay Birchbox I only got to discover 1 new item this month! 

I hope everyone can read my sarcasm. What did you ladies get in your birchbox? Was yours late? 

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