Trying Something New: Scalp Mask


Okay, okay it’s not technically a scalp mask, more like a hair mask. It does promote a healthy scalp and if the scalp is healthy then usually the hair is too!  I am currently trying desperately to grow my hair out. My hair at the top feels much healthier than my ends. I’m convinced that the Ion hi-lift was just too damaging for my hair, and my ends are filled with split ends!

I was desperate to grow my hair long for my boyfriend brother’s wedding! I began searching for natural ways to get my hair to grow. I did some googling and came across this video :

She also did a blog post on this here! 

After I watched a few of her other videos, she’s really great, I adore Beautyklove and her hair. She really is super sweet and has a great youtube channel I decided to google the three ingredients that she has us use in this hair mask:

  • Sweet Almond Oil 
  • Castor Oil
  • Sesame Oil

To make this mask: 


7 tablespoons of Almond Oil

1/2 cup of Castor Oil

5 tablespoons of Sesame Oil 


Mix together then apply directly to scalp and message in. Then apply to ends. 

Makes: At least 4 uses and stores well.
Store: in a cool place in a sealed container. 

One thing I did notice was that all my Wen cleansing conditioners and oils have sweet almond oil, and sesame oil in it.  Which was another reason I was willing to give this hair mask a try.

  All the research I found about these oils claimed that they help make the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth. I’ve been taking biotin for years now and I honestly can’t tell if that’s doing it’s job or not anymore. Not that I expect biotin to grow my hair over night. 

I also don’t expect miracles from this hair mask or even over night growth. I’ll be doing this mask once a week for the next two months, or until whenever all my oils run out until I make up my mind if this helps grow my hair out. 

I used this mask last night on my hair. Before bed I mixed the oils together applied it directly to my scalp in sections and massaged it in. After I covered my scalp I brushed it down my hair, then applied it directly to my ends. I threw my hair in a bun and covered it with a bathing cap, then went to bed. 

I washed it out after it sat on my hair for 9 to 10 hours. My hair felt soft, and my ends felt softer.  They didn’t feel soft per se but definitely an improvement from before.  How I washed it out was I used a sulfate free shampoo – My one’n only Argan oil shampoo – then did a double washing with my Wen Fig and it all washed out without problem.  The floor of my bathtub was not slippery at all. 

I can’t really say anything big on this yet, but I’ll definitely be posting photos of the progress and my thoughts. 

I do have to note that this can be a bit pricey to start you out. I dropped $38 for all three oils 16oz, a container to store it in, and a bathing cap. The 16 oz of oil will last you for MANY uses! 

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