Bye-Bye Eye Makeup!

I have some sad news to share today I have pink eye. Again, for the second time within two years. Oh the joys to work near children.

What having pink eye means for my makeup collection is a forced clean out. Any product I used on my eye within the past week got tossed. It’s sad to do it but it must be done. You can not clean eyeliner, or mascara. Brushes and tools and some eyeshadows can be saved.

I say some eyeshadows because cream shadows must be tossed, no saving them. If you want to plan to keep your powder eyeshadow you must sanitize them multiple times. I can’t remember if I used my naked palette lately but I sensitized that 3 times today.

How to sanitize your makeup:

Put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on top of all the shadows in the palette. Once they all been wetted you scrape the top layer of powder off. I use a butter knife for this. You repeat this process 3 to 4 times. My eyeshadow is now deeply depleted but now I know it’s safe to use again.

Let me just talk about germs and mascara:

Mascara can never be sanitized. Never. I know you just payed $30 for a new mascara but it’s got to go if you have pink eye. It’s also has to be thrown out 3 months after you start using it. I’m seriously ladies do not keep using old mascara.

Another Note do not whatever you do add water or soda or anything to your mascara. That is the fastest way to lead to irritating your eyes. Nothing is meant to be mixed with your mascara. If it’s dried out, it’s already time to throw it out. Never keep a mascara longer than 3 months!!!! 

Below is the picture of everything that had to go. It makes me really sad but I do have reivews coming of all these items. Clearly I love me some maybelline makeup hahahaha! I’m like a poster child for Maybelline makeup!

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I ended up picking up NYX Pin-up Tease Mascara to try next. Hopefully I like it! I didn’t pick up new eyeliner since I have so many from my box subscriptions that I should go through before I buy new stuff!

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