Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower Water Review


I’ve been using baby oil as an eye makeup remover around the time I started my blog. I felt like it was time to try other eye makeup removers that were less oily, and wouldn’t sting my eyes as well. Will this live up to it’s promise of removing eye makeup pain free? Click down below to find out! 

What it promises: 

This floral water, with a pH close to that of human tears, is very gentle, paraben-free and is an ideal make-up remover for the most sensitive eyes.

Cornflower extract decongests, leaving the eye area cleansed and fresh. The delicate aroma transports you to the fields of France.

  • Gently removes make-up from the very fragile eye contour
  • Soothes skin around eyes
  • pH similar to tears
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested
  • Paraben-free, silicone-free, and sulfate-free

Lightly saturate cotton pad with remover and gently wipe lids and lashes to remove all traces of eye make-up. TIP: Remove make-up starting from the inside corner of the eyelids towards the outside corner of the eye, then from the eye lashes from the root to the tip.

What I found: 

I have to say I actually really like this. I mean it takes two soaks of a cotton ball for each eye. But it gets all my eye makeup off. 

It’s really gentle, which yes I know it saids it’s for sensitive eyes but that usually means it still stings, it just stings less than others. It only stung if I got it in my eye when I pressed it against my lashes for it to soak. 

It had the typical makeup remover scent to it. Smells just like Maybelline eye makeup remover. 

It did remove ALL of my makeup, but it took a little work. How I achieved it was I took a cotton ball with product on it and sat it against my closed eye, I let it sit there for ten seconds then I wiped it away. I then flip the cotton ball add more remover and wipe my eyes 3-4 more times before all my makeup is gone. 

I am completely fine with how long it took me because it took a few wipes but they were light wipes. Not rubbing which tugs on the eye and the skin around it. 


  • Removes all eye makeup
  • Only stings if it gets into eyes
  • No burning
  • No irritation
  • Easy to use
  • No gross residue
  • Not oily


  • A little pricey, more than I’m used to paying for.
  • Does take a little work to get makeup off

VERDICT: Even if this is a bit pricey and takes a little work to get makeup off I find this is perfect for sensitive eyes. It works, point blank. I recommend it. Can be bought off of Birchbox, and drugstore.com

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