E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator REview


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I for one believe that if you will exfoliate your face you should do the same for your lips. I mean who likes flaky skin? I don’t! At a $3 price point it was hard to turn down trying that! Click down below to see how I liked it!

What it promises:

Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our Lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This Lip Exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel.

How to use it: 

Apply to clean, damp lips and massage in a circular motion to exfoliate. Use a moistened cotton pad with water to gently wipe away scrub. Follow with a lip balm or gloss to condition. 

What I found:

I have used a bunch of different lip scrub over the years from homemade to store bought. None have ever been so convenient as this one. A lip scrub that I can use without getting sugar under my nails. 

Let me tell you sugar scrubs under your nails are NOT fun!  

It’s really simple as anything to use, honestly. Just rub it on your lips for about a minute then wipe away. Voila!  Nice smooth lips red for bright colored lipstick! 


  • Super easy to use
  • Cheap $3
  • No more sugar under my nails! 


  • Can be a little rough sometimes. 

VERDICT: This is the best $3 I have ever spent. I love this lip exfoliator the most is no more sugar under my nails! I absolutely recommend this! This is a must have from ELF! You NEED to make an order pronto with this in it! 

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