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As a lover of nail art, I like anyone else loves the Born Pretty Store for their prices and the quality of their items. I was thrilled when The BornPrettyStore asked me to work with them.

One of the items I received and already reviewed were the wax pencils. Here.  Those wax pencils make nail art unbelievably easy now! I love them!

Just look at how it just picks up an holds nail studs!

 Love it!! You can buy the pencils here.

Next I got to review their Heart Square Elliptic Round Hollow Stud Rhinestone Acrylic UV Gel Nail art w/box (Whoo! What a mouthfull!) I love the hearts and star studs in this! I used the stars in this manicure. I’ve used the other shapes as well. 

I do have to say I have very rounded nail beds. There’s not a lot of flat space for them to sit so depending on the size of the stud or wear I placed the stud it wouldn’t lay flat. I’m not blaming it on the stud, but I wanted to warn those who have rounded nail beds like I do.  

These studs work GREAT with Gel polish! I feel like they stay much longer and don’t peel when I use them with gel! You can buy them here. 

I also got another nail art wheel this time it was fun colorful Rhinestones! They are always so fun to work with! I love adding a few here and there for an accent nail!

These work well with Gel polish as well. They don’t lose their shine after you put on a top coat over top of them either. I would definitely recommend these! You can buy these here. 

I actually got to try one none nail art item. These really cute pair of earrings. They are pretty sturdy, but super heavy. I don’t wear them often because of that. I also suggest using a bigger backing then the ones they give you.

These were okay, but I wouldn’t really commend them.
As I said before BornPrettyStore sent me these items and I liked most of them a lot and would recommend them to use for nail art!

If you plan on shopping at the Born Pretty Store you can use this 10% off coupon just type in MEX31

I would recommend this store for the great nail art tools! Love it! It’s cheap, and the quality is there.  Just a warning if you’re shipping to the US just be prepared for a month wait for your items! 

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