Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver Hangout with Birchbox

Yesterday, February 19, I was one of three lucky bloggers selected to chat with Sarah Potempa and birchbox about The Beachwaver.  It was so awesome to get to ask her a few questions as well as learn a lot of neat tricks on how to use the Beachwaver!

The beachwaver works best for those who have long hair, about past your shoulders by about two inches. My hair is only a little past my shoulders at this point. Try to grow hair is a pain in the @#*$&^@&!!!!!   Sarah did have a really good advice about how to curl shorter hair.

How to use the Beachwaver on short hair:

  • One thing that can help is slowing down the rotation of the iron. You can do this by holding down the right button for about 8 seconds until low pops up on the small digital screen on the bottom of the beachwaver. I have to say it really does help slowing down the rotation of the wand.
  • Another trick I figured out is you take the smaller than an inch section of hair, clip the end of the section in the clamp. Press the go botton for one full rotation, than you roll the wand by hand the rest of the way. Make sure you angle the wand as you go to get a closer curl. One thing Sarah did stress when talking about the waver is that you do control it. I could always curl it by hand. 

Other tips and tricks:

  • One thing I full 100% believe in is that you should never set any heating tool higher than 400. For the beachwaver, my curling iron, and my straightener I never set it higher than 300. My hair is fine, and damged due to lightening it. 300 degress heat works just find with my hair, and the style sticks.
    • If you do not have damaged or fine hair the the standard 350 is great for everyone other hair type.
    • Another tip not just from Sarah, but this is common sense in general: USE A HEAT PROTECTOR!!!!! I mean it ladies, use it. Just think about it you are putting at least a 300 degree metal piece right against your fragil hair, that’s non bene (not good!) Please ladies use some sort of heat protector.
  • I personally use Tresamme Heat protector mousse and spray, and usually I use them together. I’m not actually sure if it’s proven to give more protection as a duo but it gives me peace of mind.  
  • Sarah personally suggested Aussie heat protector:    . She saids you should look for one that also adds moisture and shine. I’ve never personally used Aussie so I can not vouch for how I like that brand.
  •  The hair should not stay on the wand longer than 10 seconds. That will damge the hair further.
  • Sarah stressed this many time but remember you control the wand. You can stop and start with the light touch of the go button.

I have to say I learned a lot and it was such a pleasure to talk to Sarah and Juliet of birchbox. They were both very lovely people and so nice! I embedded the video if you guys would like to watch. I come in around 11:40 minutes in.  

Please ignore how many times I said like, I was beyond excited and nervous about the whole thing!

I’m thinking of actually making a how to video. Would you guys be interested if I started to make videos to go with my blog? 

Does anyone else have the beachwaver? How do you like it? Have any tips you would like to share? 

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