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I’m a part of Sumpto, an influence site just for college students only. To sign up you need an .edu email account. Sumpto is basically a site that rewards you for who you can get to join, and your social media presence. 

As a college student myself I think this is super cool because college students as a whole are completely ignore when it comes to campaigns. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to my friend if they just took this angle they would get more college student buyers. Please excuse me for my marketing classes thoughts! I actually really loved my marketing classes so this kind of stuff really interests me! 

How Sumpto works is that you sign up with your .edu email. Fill out a survey. Connect all your social media accounts you want. Tweet about products you got to try. Basically using all your social media channels to talk about what your sampling or trying on sumpto! 

Here’s what Sumpto themselves have to say on their site: 

  • Sumpto is a website that measures how influential college students are online
  • Basically, we give free stuff to influential college students
  • We require a valid .edu email address for registration, as it’s college only!
  • Once signed up, we measure your influence in the form of your Sumpto Score- a number from 1-100
  • Based on your Sumpto Score, you become eligible for Sumpto Rewards- free stuff!
  • Increase your score by connecting your social networks- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..  Completing your student profile and a few other ways. 
  • We work with brands that want to connect with college students- so sign up and get rewarded for being yourself.  
  • Here’s a recent article that might help as well:

As for that article link above can really explain what Sumpto is all about better than I can. 

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