Evolvh Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner Review


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I was super excited to get EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Conditioner  in my birchbox because this was a good size conditioner and they said nice things about it. Click down below to see what I think of it.

What it promises: 

Just like UltraShine Shampoo, UltraShine Conditioner has earned the trust of top hairdressers and discerning clients, as the preferred conditioner when moisture and repair are the imperative. Designed to provide the optimum level of moisture, amino and fatty acids, and pH level for every hair type, the result is hair that is shiny, full of bounce, without frizz and with greater strength and elasticity. 

• For dry, over-processed or frizzy hair that needs moisture.

 Turns straw into silk.

• Lightweight enough for fine hair that needs volume. 

• Ideal for curly, thick or coarse hair that needs softness, manageability and less frizz.  

Prevents breakage and split-ends, and is a superb detangler. 

• Sodium chloride free – safe for Keratin Smoothing Treatments.  

• Paraben free, alcohol free, silicone free and vegan.  

• pH 4.5 to 5.5 

More Perks »

UltraShine will be unlike any conditioner you’ve used before. It will feel completely different, because it is. Rather than coating hair (as most other conditioners do), UltraShine penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize and repair hair from the inside out. Specialized amino acids rebuild damaged hair, gradually returning hair closer to its ideal composition. When you apply the conditioner it will feel as if it is vanishing. This is because it is being absorbed rather than just sitting on top of the hair. UltraShine will also balance the pH of your hair to its optimum level of 4.5 – 5.5. The result is hair that is shiny, full of bounce, without frizz and with greater strength and elasticity.

What I found: 

I excited tried this product right away, used it once right after washing with my sulfate free shampoo, then it sat in my shower unused. Not promising but hear me out. 

This conditioner made my hair feel funny. Almost plastic-y. It was weird I instantly didn’t like it. 

My hair dried oddly, it was a little stiff but it felt clean at the same time. Odd I know. 

I’m honestly not a fan, BUT, this is a hugely raved about product. I’m sure it works just like it promises for others. It has so many good review on birchbox it just didn’t get along with my hair. 


  • Paraben free
  •  alcohol free
  •  silicone free 
  • vegan


  • Made my hair feel plastic-y in the shower
  • Smelled odd
  • Expensive

Verdict: it’s a super short review but I honestly don’t have anything nice to say about this conditioner. It did not work well for my hair, but it might work well for others. This is a big fat pass for me. I do know that this is a really big rave product so this must work great for others. You can buy here

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