Name Change! Now The Beauty and The Business!!!

I have been debating for a couple months now in changing my blog name. I won’t be in college forever, even though it feels that way! *sigh*  I want my blog to be able to grow with me. I know I haven’t been on top of  my blog posting anymore. Business school and work take precedence over blogging. A sad thing, but a reality of life. 

I call myself The Beauty and The Business now, a little spin on beauty and the beast. Also because if you don’t think that your beautiful who will? I added ‘the business’ to the name because I am currently an International Business major at Temple. It’s insanely hard this semester, due to my business communication teacher, and his red pen love affair. 

I have a bunch of things photographed and swatched just waiting for their blog posts to be written up. I hopefully will get a couple things queued this week so I won’t be so panicked to get a post up. 

I hope that all my lovely readers, the lurkers and commentiers still continue to follow and read my blog even if I change my name. It’s a mark to symbolize me moving up and growing older in life, and in blogging. 

I can’t wait for the things to come for my blog! I hope you guys will love it as much as I do! 

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