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I revieced this back in the beginning of September and did 4 manis with it. I did three on myself, and one on my mother. Click down below to see what we thought of the UV gel lamp!!

What it promises:

USpicy® – Fashion Meets TechnologyUSpicy® was created by a very simple goal – to provide high quality health and beauty products at budget-friendly prices so that everyone can afford. Why “U Spicy”? Because we put the sole focus on YOU, and dedicate ourselves to creating your own unique style, which allows YOU to feel SPICY whenever & wherever.Features:– This lamp can be used with various kinds of nail beauty products, such as UV Top Coat, UV Builder Gel, etc. Work without brand requirements on nail polish- The wavelength is visible and harmless to eyes. But we do not recommend you stare at the bulb for a long time- Over voltage & current surge protection- Heat-exhausted chip to increase reliability and life span of the nail dryer- All in one – disinfection & drying.- Suitable for both professional and personal finger nail care uses- Small and cool design, compact & easy to operateSpecifications:– Color: white- Material: Molded ABS- Input Voltage Range: AC110-120V, 50/60HZ- Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer WarrantyPackage includes:– 1* USpicy® ÉCLAIR USND-0901 Professional UV Nail Dryer(White, 9W)- 1* 9W UV Bulb- 1* Free USpicy Highly UV Protective Gloves- 1* Free Nail Sanding file

What I found: 

I just recently finally took the dive into Gel polish world. It’s a pretty scary one sometiems with tons of comminment with every nail color. It’s odd for me to commint to just one color for about a week and half. Due to chipping I used to have to change my polish every 3 to 4 days, now I only change them because my new nail growth is pretty big.

The lamp set itself is extremely basic, which explains it’s extremely reasonable cheap price. It’s roomy enough to do one hand at a time, thumbs included (I’m looking at you Sally Hansens LED gel lamp). It only has an onoff button, no timer. You will need to set your own timer to know when your nails are cured, then hit the off button after set amount of time. Speaking of time, it takes about 5 minutes to properly cure each layer. I believe it takes 5 minutes because the lamps aren’t as strong as other gel lamps. When curing Gel polish with this lamp wouldn’t be about speed but rather about quality of a Gel manicure.

I tested this UV lamp out with 3 different gel brands. INK, Sally Hansen  and Gelish. I found out it took about 5 minutes to cure when I had a hiccup in my gel manicure process. After I applied gelish nail hardener cured it for two minutes, than went to paint my gelish neon pik, the pink gel polish began to pool in areas, and became spotty. It was a weird experince but completely avoid if you cure your gel polish for 5 minutes.

This lamp worked great with all three brands. After the cure time was adjusted I had no hiccups or problems doing a gel manicure with this UV lamp. When you buy this off of amazon you recieve a pair of fingerless UV protecting gloves. I did not, so I emailed my contact about it and he explained to me that samples do not come with the gloves, but when you purchase it they come with gloves which is very important to wear, and use sunscreen to protect your hands against the UV rays.


  • Simple design
  • FIts your whole hand comfortable no need to bend your hand at an awkward angle to fit all your fingers in it. 
  • Works well with many different brands. 
  • Comes with UV protecting fingerless gloves
  • Very price friendly
  • Perfect for those wanting to try out gel polish


  • Only an on/off switch, no timer
  • Cure time 5minutes.

VERDICT: I may not pick this lamp to use when I’m in a time crunch but I do like it a lot. It fits your whole hand. It’s extremely basic and easy to use, minus the no timer installed in it. For a Starting point of $20 I reccomend this as a starter gel lamp. Before you take the plunge or if you’re not sure gel polish is for you, buy some gel polish and this lamp. Your wallet will thank you. Can be bought on amazon here. 

**UV gel lamp was supplied for review. All statements I made are honest and true. This is my real experience with this product. 

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