5 Beauty Items to bring on a Shore Trip!

I’m going on a shore trip with my boyfriend this Tuesday coming up. There’s a ton of things to be brought to the shore but here is my list of essentials.

Sunscreen! I plan on being on the beach for hours at a time. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful rays that causes it to age but saves you from severe sunburn. I don’t care what color your skin maybe, sunscreen must always be worn by everyone on the beach! You might not burn but your aging your skin. Lets be real no one wants to look 50 at 30!

Aloe! Aloe is jus as important as sunscreen. Since you did wear sunscreen and you didn’t get burnt your probably asking yourself why you would still need it. Now let me why. Sure you are nicely bronze but your skin still took a beating in the sun. Your skin will love you if you apply a little on after a day in the sun. It’ll help restore the moisture you lost. 

Chapstick with SPF!! I know you want to look hot on the beach with red lips or glossy lips but skip that. It’s the beach don’t get dressed up to go. Now I know some lipglosses now offer SPF protection but do to the nature of glosses and them being shiny they intensify the sun rays which can sizzle your lips. Ouch!! Just stick with Chapstick with SPF while on the beach. Save the lipstick and lipgloss for the boardwalk. Or even better give them a break, leave them at home! 

Mascara! In my belief I think if you only have one makeup product to use it should be mascara. Mascara just opens up the eyes and does wonders for your face. I don’t think you should wear mascara on the beach but throw it in the cooler so it doesn’t melt in the heat and apply it before you stroll the boardwalk. 

Luminizer! A stick luminizer I think is great for the boardwalk. No one wants to bring a ton of makeup on a sure trip but highlighting certain parts of your face can liven up your look before strolling the boardwalk. When bringing a luminizor I suggest applying it to the top of your cheeks into your temples and blending it super well. It gives you an easy glowy look.

A Tip: If you’re only going down for the day apply the aloe, and makeup at your car to keep sand out of it. Also throw the aloe and makeup in a plastic bag in the cooler to keep it from melting. 

These are my must have beauty items for the shore.What are yours? Which sunscreen do you like best?

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