Coupons are your best friends. CVS edition

I just shelled out a ton of money on tires for my car but I still needed a few essentials that couldn’t be put off any longer. I looked through my old CVS receipts and my CVS online account and printed out a few coupons.

I only needed a new face wash, sunscreen, toner and 2 notebooks.
Below are the coupons I ended up using for my order.

  •  I received an email from CVS Online for a $5 off an purchase of $15 or more. 
  • $1 off a notebook purchase of $5 or more. 
  • $1 off Neutrogena purchase
  • $2 off a skincare purchase of $10 or more. 
  • $2 off a sunscreen purchase. 
  • Also Neutrogena suncreen was on sale for $7.99 I found that from looking at the flyer. 

I saved $15 on my total that is a lot of savings. Sometimes if you just look at the coupons you have you can save a lot of money. I always suggest looking for coupons before buying at CVS they are always running sales that can be combine with coupons to make it even cheaper.

Another great thing is that the witch-hazel toner I bought has a mail in rebate. That’s even more money saved, which this one was a nice surprise.

The moral of this blog post is you too can save a ton of extra money at CVS all you have to do is set up and online account to link with your CVS member card, they are always sending money saving coupons in their emails. Keep the coupons at the end of your receipts as well because they will save you money.

What was the most you saved at one time at CVS? Does anyone else do this or am I a crazy couponer?

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