Worth the Splurge? FusionBeauty LashFusion XL Review


I received a deluxe sample of this mascara in my February BirchBox, and since then it’s been sitting in my box of items to try. Completely forgotten till I ran out of mascara. The two mascaras I had open had hit their throw out dates. So here comes in FusionBeauty’s LashFusion XL mascara in the clutch. Does it pull through? Click through below to find out!

What it promises:
This jet black mascara doesn’t just add fullness to your lashes—the nourishing formula helps them grow stronger over time. Ingredients like avocado oil, wheat flower lipids, and keratin proteins are gradually released, conditioning your lashes even after you wash off your mascara.

What I found:

At the time I received this mascara I already had 3 other mascaras open and I decided to save it till the next cycle of mascara’s I’d use. Last week I throw out my old mascaras thinking I had one backup. Well my memory lied I didn’t. So there I was panicked I did my makeup before school with no mascara.  I ripped through my makeup to try box in hopes that I had a mascara in there. That was were I found FusionBeauty’s LashFusion XL mascara.  I quickly applied it and ran out the door to catch my train to school.

How did it fair? Meh. This is not volumize, thicken, or darken my lashes. It did add length, a very tiny bit. When on my lashes it looked very natural – never what I want from a mascara. This didn’t make them crunchy. This didn’t flake or smudge. It did disappeared without a trace 3 hours into wear. It felt like I put nothing on my lashes.


  • Added a little length
  • No flaking


  • No Volume
  • Smudges
  • Doesn’t thicken lashes
  • Doesn’t darken lashes
  • Disappears within 3 hours  
  • Smells odd. 

VERDICT: I This did nothing I want from a mascara. It also doesn’t last long. I didn’t use it more than 5 times tops. So I can’t say if it helped the health of my lashes or not. Is this Worth the Splurge? No. This had a lot of potential it’s a shame that it fell short. Can be bought for $24 here.


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