Swatches Series: Mac Sail Le Vie from Hey Sailor Collection

I, like everyone else wanted to get their hands on the Hey Sailor collection pieces when it came out last May. I decided since I didn’t own a Orange lipstick yet I’d try Sail Le Vie since none of the other lipsticks jumped out at me. Low and behold I tried it, thought it wasn’t for me and there it sat in my makeup collection for months untouched. 

Click down below to see why I’m just talking about it now! 

I was going through my collection last week where I rediscovered this and gave it another go. Which then I realized I look great in it. I’m just now realizing how great I look in dark lipsticks due to my fair skin. 

without flash

With Flash

Sil La Vie is a bright mid-tone orange with a satin finished. In the dark it looks like I’m wearing red lipstick. I find the formula can be a little drying. I actually find it more matte than a satin finish, but that’s what MAC describes it as.

I can get about 4 hours of wear with light eating and drinking. I am never one to complain about reapplying lipstick so the wear time doesn’t bother me. When I go out and wear this I might touch this up 4 times tops. But that might because I get obsessive about how my lipstick looks. 

Now I’m not a fan of MAC, I can’t stand stepping into their stores due to the extremely rude experience every time. But I still go back because their lipsticks are phenomenal! MAC hit another homerun with this lipstick. 

Did anyone else ever experience a love for a makeup item that they used to hate? Did anyone pick anything up for this collection? 

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