Generic Value Prodcuts: Volumizing Root Lifter Review


 I have thin, limp hair on a normal day. Actually there’s never any volume naturally, ever. Ensue me trying to find volumizing products like a mad women. The problem for me though most volimizing products need to be set with heat. I try as much as possible not to use hear on my hair. So how does this work for me? Keep reading to find out!! Or at the very least see some epic volume shots! 

Like I said above my hair usually has no volume, and lays flat. Most products need heat to set the volume – well the ones I’ve tried. If you just look to the right you can see volume! Where did it come from you ask? This miracle product that I’ve kept in my collection for over a year now. I use it just about every second day after a shower to give my dirty hair some ompff! 

Just look at that lift! I love this stuff. What this spray is, is a knock off of Matrix Amplify Volumizing System Root Lifter, –a mouth full! I never actually used the Matrix product so this won’t be a comparison.

What Generic: Volumizing Root Lifter promises: GVP Volumizing Root Lifter gives you medium to firm control while providing weightless, humidty-resistant body. For all hair types. This root lifter is virtually weightless which will eliminate the problem of having heavy, gunky hair. It wlll also protect against frizzies caused by humidity and will keep frizz at bay for an extended time. 

Now heres what’s tricky, on the bottle they suggest spraying directly on the hair at the roots. DO NOT do that!! I can not stress enough not to do that.  It makes the hair too crunchy and stick together. Spray a few spurts into your hand. I use 3 for my whole head. I rub my hands together then run it through my hair at the roots. That’s it, then I go about my day. It’s that simple.


  • Fruity Scent, doesn’t linger
  • AMAZING volume – Just look at that lift!
  • Lasts all day
  • Can double as a dry shampoo to give life to second day hair. 
  • No heat needed


  • If used to much makes hair crunchy
  • The fruit scent my bother some

VERDICT: I know it’s a mostly glowing review but I really do love using this product, even works well in the summer. Can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $8. Since I’ve already repurchased it, this gets an A+


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