FREEDOM! The semester is over now what?

You finally leave the room after taking your last final of the semester. Now what? Dayloading on the beach? No! Sleeping all day? No!  Painting your nails everyday? YES!- Well that one is acceptable.

What a college student should do every summer is either have a summer job or an internship. Stop your groaning now. Suck it up. You know why? Because it’s work history to put on your resume. Employers want to know that you weren’t just loafing around during college. They want to know you have the work ethic to hold that job.

Yes I know you just want to relax and take a break. I complete understand that. Only work part time then. No one saids you have to work full time. Think of it this way you’ll have more money to buy makeup and nail polish! Think of how awesome you’ll look in that amazing dress in the store, but if only you had some Gs! If you hold a job then you can actually afford it. You still don’t want to get a job, and you don’t have to? Volunteer! That can also be put on a resume!

Speaking of Resumes how about updating your resume over the summer. It takes all of 45mins tops.

What else should you do? Read. I love to read in the summer. Between work and school I have no time to read during the semester. Jodi Picoult Picture Perfect is one of my favorite books to read. Or anything by Sarah Dessen, I grew up reading those.

Don’t forget if you’re taking a language to keep practicing over the summer or by end of August you’ll forget everything. Trust me, I’ve done that before! 

I know school is over and you all are rolling your eyes at me but don’t completely forget about school. Yes it’s a time to relax and let loose. I know I’ll plan a few beach trips and lazy days myself. I value those days more when I work all summer because those are extra special.

What are your summer plans? I know not everyone is still in school with summers off. Anyone else can’t wait to go to the beach?

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