The Future of Beauty and Fashion on a College Budget

Dun, duh, dunnnnn! Nothing bad is happening just many new ideas that will be hopefully be blog posts soon. I’m a business major at Temple as you lovely ladies probably already know from my constant mentioning of it. The end of the semester is upon most of us college students. It’s a panic-y time even when you’re on top of your work. At least for me. I mean I can’t be the only one right?

I’m taking a Marketing Course at the moment, which I’m totally loving right now. We talk about branding and marketing methods, which also makes me think about how I handle my blog. I don’t honestly do a lot of college related posts. Rarely. I have two options. 1. Change my name. Which at this point is a big pain since I’m pretty established at the moment. 2. Change the fact I don’t actually post a lot of college related stuff.

I’m pretty sure it’s a no brainer what I chose to do! I do have a few post in mind that will not only benefit college students, but everyone. Such as what kind of makeup should you wear on an interview? What should you wear? What does smart casual even mean?! I know you have the burning desire to know!

I am excited to start posts like those, and to continue on my fashion sundays that I have neglated. Pray for me and cross your fingers and toes for me I can survive another semester at temple!

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