Not Your Mother’s- Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray review


Please excuse all my Sweetheart Vox box Reviews today, I’m rushing to get them out before the deadline tonight. 

I received Not your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray in my Sweetheart Vox Box. I was iffy about trying this, I never used a sea salt spray before. Just the sound of it makes me cringe, the beach kills my hair, I can’t imagine purposely spray salt on my hair. Yet I did to try it out. 

Let me start off with the good, I go a small size to sample, which makes the container great for travel. It smells divine, like a tropical vacation! Yum! Just don’t eat it! 

Well like I said in the beginning that spraying salt onto hair, no matter how diluted it is, is not good for your hair period. End of story. Don’t argue with that. So that being said here I am with bleach damaged hair spraying a sea salt spray on my hair. Can you smell disaster? It smells delicious! 

My hair felt gross, dirty and knotty after spraying in my hair. Yes, it texturized my hair all right just not in a good way. It poofed right out with knots galore. No wave in sight. They ran for the hills. Okay I know you guys are saying “Wow Meg, harsh much?” Of course in that valley girl voice. This spray is just not for my hair. Maybe this worked for others but damaged hair? Don’t even let this come near it! It’s such a shame because it smells soooo good! I refuse to post a picture of myself with this in my hair. My hair looks terrible. 


  • Smells divine, like a tropical escape


  • Not for DAMAGED hair. 
  • Made my hair knotty

VERDICT: So this is just not for me or anyone else with damaged hair. I don’t want to full out slam a product but I just don’t like this. This is a skip. Sells for $6.  

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  1. RenPhoenix
    May 18, 2013 / 12:24 am

    I've seen that another way to add texture to your hair is putting sugar in your hairspray; what I saw recommended (in some beauty magazine, though I can't remember which one) was one sugar cube for an average-sized hairspray bottle. Presumably the sugar grains do the same thing as the salt grains texture-wise, though they might be less drying… Only works if you use non-aerosol hairspray, though.

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