My threading experiences: Anjurthreads Review

This post is not sponsored, I am writing my own opinion of the place. 

Woah close call today, I got to see my boy-toy today and thank god I finally got my jungle done! No, not that! My eyebrows! Last time I saw him he made a comment on it. Now it wasn’t totally mean, he just knows I keep them in better shape, I mean if your guy notices you have a unibrow growing then it’s time to get them done pronto!

I’ve been going to the same threading place since October and fell in love. I’m sure you ladies remember how horrific my brows looked after my bad wax job. I vowed after getting burnt for the last time I wouldn’t wax again. I’ve kept my word thanks to Anjuthreads!

Anjuthreads is a hop skip jump away from the marketeast train station. I decided I’d try out threading as an alternative to waxing. Threading itself is a different experience all together. It’s basically like pluckinging your eyebrows but it’s done with a string and you can pull out more then one at a time. I prefer this over tweezing.  Pain wise. I have a high tolerance for pain, so I find this hurts but it’s more uncomfortable than painful. I tearup like crazy because it is so close to the eyes it’s my bodys natural reaction. Try to go makeup free when you get them done!

Now onto the good part my review of anjurhreads:

Anjurthreads is a hop skip jump away from the marketeast train station This is a really nice place, honestly. Also a little hard to find on your first time. It’s set up on the second floor so you have to go to the door to the left of the entrance of the restaurant on the first floor. You click the buzzer for the second floor since it’s set up in apartments.

Taken from Their Website

Once up stairs in the salon it’s really open. The chairs are set up right in front of the floor to ceiling  windows, not that you’ll have a chance to look outside since you recline backwards while getting a service done. They do occasionally have incense burning, which I like but I know could bother others. 

They offer a lot of different services not just eyebrows. I’ve gotten my upper lip done there before as well. I have had two women I really like do my brows mostly is Dimple and Azra. I’m sure everyone is just as great.  They get you in that chair and out within minutes. They make a painful experience as least painful as possible.

I do make appointments everytime I go. I go right after school just jump on a train at the train stop right by temple. Sometimes I’m earlier than my appointment they take me as soon as possible when I’m early. Which is nice.

VERDICT if you can’t tell from my glowing review I have yet to have a bad experience there. If your a philedelphian or a Philadelphia college student I strongly suggest getting your brows done here. $13 may seem like a lot for eyebrows (you can get them waxed usually for $5) it’s the great service that makes the price reasonable.

Anjurthreads is located: 

1126 Walnut St, 2nd floor   

Philadedelphia, pa 

To learn more about Anjurthreads, and prices check out their website here! 

Has anyone else been there? What do you ladies think of threading? Love it? Hate it?

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