Fashion Sundays: Supporting Sport Teams

I am a strong Philadelphia Sports team fan, well for hockey and baseball that is. It’s hard sometimes being a beauty fanatic and a sports fan at the same time. I can hear the laughter now. Why is that hard you ask? There’s this expectation and scorn for what I might do when I go to support my favorite teams. There’s always this expectation that I will wear orange eye shadow when going to a Flyers game or red makeup when I go to a Phillies game.

I like to keep my makeup mild when going to sporting events, I’m more concerned with the game than my makeup to be honest. But there is this double standard of if I do up  my makeup for a game people think I’m not there for the game but to have a good time. While on the other hand if men paint their faces they’re die-heart fans. That makes me laugh. So I just like to stick to doing my nails. Which that in itself warrants laughter from my friends. They’re always wondering what I will do. Most games I don’t actually do anything special because I buy my tickets last minute off of stubhub 3 hours before the game for cheap. – Stubhub a college student’s best friend for cheap games!

I have the perfect solution for those who want to show their fan spirit without going overboard. A two tone mani! I’ve been into the chevron manis lately so I painted my whole nail Orange and did the pointed tip with black to support my Flyers.  God knows we need it.

Does anyone else notice the treatment of women who do their makeup for sporting events? Do you ladies do anything different when you go to games? I’d love to hear your opinions on my theory about makeup and sporting events.

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