A Hidden Gem: Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque review

One of my new years resolutions which I have been keeping up with is taking better care of my skin. I have been using Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque for years, since I was a sophomore in High School, so about 6 years. I haven’t been faithful with it up until this last december. 

I would use it one a week here, then maybe next month I would use it twice. I keep coming back to this because it helps keep the hormonal pimples away and my skin super soft.  I know everyone sees this either at the drugstore, or Sally’s or even the super market. But how many of you ladies actually pick this up? It’s so cheap this tub I probably paid $5 for it max, and get over 6 months worth of use if used once every week.   

If you can’t tell by the finger marks I use this mask a lot now. Speaking of finger marks, this isn’t very hygienic. BUT you should do a light wash of your face before using this so by doing that your fingers will be clean so there should be no problems in that department.

I spread this all over my face. It saids you can use this on your neck but I find that can be just too messy to clean up sometimes.


  • Minty feeling
  • Skin smooth afterwards
  • Skin feels refresh
  • Skin feels tighter
  • Smells minty fresh


  • If comes in a tube it’s more hygienic but hardens inside, if you get the tub it won’t harden on itself but it’s not very hygienic. 
  • No noticeable shrinkage of pores

I love this masque because it gives my skin a nice perk up because of the minty feeling it leaves behind. It smells so yummy too! 

I tend to put a little too much on my cheeks most times so I usually leave this on for 15minutes to harden. Which then looks like this before I wash it off.

I splash my face with warm water a few times before I take a washcloth and wipe it off. Don’t worry this masque washes easily off washclothes in the wash.

VERDICT: Considering that I only have one real complaint about this product. I do recommend this to all, even those with severe acne problems, or any type of acne. I did notice a difference when I have pretty bad acne. Can be found at your local Drugstore, Super Market and Sally’s. This is such a steal for a great product!


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