Neutrogena Hand Cream The Norwegian Formula review

I’ve been using this hand cream for about a month now. I recived it to review as part of an Bzzagent campaign. I’m sure you ladies are tired of me saying this. I know, I know ‘Jeeze Meg we get it, you teach swim lessons, and is in a chlorinated pool all the time. We get it. Stop saying it’  I swear I don’t keep repeating it because I like to hear myself speak, well I do but that’s totally beside the point I’m making. In a nut shell I have dry skin. Everywhere. It’s also winter which doesn’t help any of our skin issues. 

Where does this hand creme play apart?  My nails would peal, and I had a few hangnails here and there before using this. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I instantly saw results. My hands felt moisturized instantly. By day 3 my hands where smooth and didn’t hurt when I washed my hands. By week two my hands were soft and no more hangnails or peeling nails.

Not only do I have dry hands, I also have really dry legs. Because I’m in chlorinated water, and shave my legs a few times a week. I saw what am amazing job this hand creme is doing for my hands. I decided on a leap of faith that I would see if this could help my poor dry legs. They’ve been so dry lately when I put on a body butter or body oil on my skin either burns or itches. I applied this to my legs, no burning or itching! Thank goodness too! I’ve noticed improvement in the health of the skin on my legs.

Now how is the actual creme itself? I have a sample of both the fragrance-free, and the original one for myself. The rest I gave away to others. Both cremes are identical except one is fragrance-free. Both are a semi-thick white creme. It rubs easily into the skin of my hands and legs. It does not leave a white cast behind. It does however leave a lotion feel behind. I personally like that because it feels like my hands are getting the moisture it needs. I do know some people aren’t a fan of that.  

I can finally start posting more nails of the day looks! I was so embarrassed over the start of my hands I didn’t really want to take pictures of them. I had a few nasty cuticle rips.  

VERDICT: I will be repurchasing this for myself to use on my hands and legs, and feet! It’s such a steal because it’s so affordable AND it’s sold in the drugstores so you can catch a deal too! This works better than my higher end lotions for more than half the price! This hand creme is multi-purpose and a keeper! Sells for around $5 can be found all over the place such as your local drugstores, walmart, target, I even saw it in my super market!

I received this as part of a bzzagent campaign for review. Bzzagent is this awesome site that runs different campaigns through the year looking for testers. In return you have to do a little word of mouth advertising to others. You can score more bzzpoints by posting about it on your blog, twitter and facebook. 


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