My Favorites of 2012: Perfume Edition

 These are my most worn, and favorite perfumes not just in 2012 some are older and I’ve been using them since 2010.

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift has become a fast favorite. I got a gift set last christmas for my Birthday. I’ve loved it since. I normal just wear this perfume in the fall/winter. Or nights in the spring. This is a sweet smell. Not sugary sweet, but vanilla sweet. I smell a slight berry scent. But no floral under-notes that I can smell.

Victoria Secrets Pink Beach I always wear just one scent all summer. Usually I get a new one, just like this year. I always get a body spray since they do wear off and I don’t want to over power anyone in the heat of summer. The reason I only wear one scent is because when I smell this scent I think of that summer. My friends say the same thing about a scent. They smell it and then we end up talking about a memory of a time I wore this scent. This scent smells of summer to me. I smell that beach, berry and sunscreen. Odd combination. Not just odd but downright weird combination. It all blends together to give you the essence of summer. I swear.

Dolce and Gabbana’s Rose the one. It’s my favorite sexy scent. I only wear this in the fall/winter/sometimes spring at night. It’s a heavy scent. It does have a hint of rose but it’s not over powering. I love it. I wear this for special occasions.

Versace’s Bright Crystal is a favorite of mine if you can’t tell by how empty it is. This is my spring, beginning of summer scent. Sometimes I might wear it in the winter, but only as a pick me up. It’s a floral scent that reminds me of spring and the warming months. It’s a sweet floral with a hint of fun. If that makes sense.

These are my favorites of 2012. What perfumes did you find yourself wear? Am I the only one that uses perfume as a way to associate times with?


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