Lush Twilight bath bomb review

As you know a month ago I rewarded myself to lush for surviving the fall semester without exploding. I picked up the twilight bath bomb after the lovely sales associate suggested to me. It was one of the few products I picked up that the scent didn’t bother me.

I was told that this bath bomb is super relaxing. It is because of the lavender in it. I was also told that if I break it in half I could get to uses out of it. So I put in a little baggie and lightly hit it was a hammer and it crumbled into little pieces. The outside shell is a lovely blue color, while on the inside it’s pink/purple shade.

I started out only putting half the ball into my bath, but from lack of fragrance and bubbles I just threw the other half in. I still didn’t get a lot of bubbles but the smell was heavenly. It turned my bath tub a lovely shade of lilac, excuse my toes in this photo. It was such a relaxing bath to drink wine and read.

VERDICT: Will I be repurchasing this, it didn’t give a lot of bubbles but it was super relaxing. I suggest drinking wine and reading a book while using this bath bomb. Sells at lush stores online and in-store for $6.25. 


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