Garnier’s BB cream

I have had to mention Garnier’s B.B. cream at least a dozen times. Yet I have not made a review for it. I figured I might as well put my two scents in on this product.

I bought this as soon as it came out back in January? February? I can’t remember what month exactly. I have severe acne at that point and I was trying to find an quick and easy fix for it when I was rushing around in the morning. 

Well I don’t have pictures of when I tried that out. It didn’t cover anything. Made my skin look worse by making it an orange-y color. So I through it to the back of my makeup collection.

Back in June after a stint on Accutane my severe acne just cleared up. So I decided to give this whirl again. It still gave me an orange-y tint. Which is fun since at the point in June I had a nice tan going and wasn’t so fair.

In the swatch you can tell what a tan tint it has. I’m not sure if anyone else had this problem. Or was it just me? If you ladies did please let me know.


  • Gave a dewy look
  • Felt light on the skin
  • Moisturized my skin


  • Turned my skin orange. 
  • No coverage
  • Super floral scent. Too strong
  • Did not blur imperfections
  • Pores were the same. Did not hide them. 
  • Can get greasy if not set.

I may have not applied it the best way but I applied this with my fingers, and set it with powder. 

VERDICT: I did not like this at all. It did nothing for my skin. I bought the light/medium and it till looked orange on me. The floral scent was just too much. Pass. You can find this at most drugstores, ulta, target and walmart. $10 -14. Depending if there’s a sale or where you buy it. 


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