A E-Naturalne’s Face Serum Review

I was approached by www.e-naturalne.pl  to test out my choice of product. I knew winter was coming so I looked through what they have to offer to look for something moisturizing. I pick this one outFace Serum with Noni extract, hydromeni and Avocado oil.  I know how great avocado is for the skin and knew I wanted to try this out!

A little bit about this company is that it’s based in poland, everything is natural products. They send you the parts of the product where you have to mix it all together. I was hesitant about this because I was nervous about messing up. But they have directions online for each product and everything is already perfectly measured. I wish the directions for it also came in the package but it’s easy to look it up online.  For the product I picked all I had to do is add water, mix it the ingredients sent and I was done. There are more complicated recipes for different products on their site. They also sell oils, Shea butter, and a bunch of other natural items that can be used to make face and body items.

When I mixed this cream I added one product in at a time. It is much easier to mix it. The cream base is where you mix all the items into which is just big enough to fit the cream when it’s finished so be careful when you mix.

My Serum is white cream. It has a light scent, I’m not sure what to call the scent because it’s not chemically, not fruit, and not floral. It’s not unpleasant either. The scent fades as soon as you apply it to your skin.  Doesn’t feel much like a serum, more like a heavy cream. I like this a lot.

A E-Naturalne's Face Serum, e-naturalne,

Lately I’ve been breaking out due to different foundations I was using. I am happy to say this did not break me out. It helped keep my skin moisturized in this cold winter months of December and January. This has a shelf like of 6months after you mix it. I know I’ll be finish by then. I apply it at night and it keeps my skin happy.

  • Moisturizing
  • Amazing night cream
  • Doesn’t break me out
  • Scent does not bother my nose nor does it linger.


  • Took longer than I would like to get the product but I can work around that. 
  • It does have a scent, but like I said the scent doesn’t bother me
  • It can be difficult sometimes to mix your own products, novel idea though. 

VERIDCT: My skin has been very happy with me since I started using this in December. I would recommend if you are looking for a natural product to try this moisturizer out. Sells for 5euro which is about $7. You can buy it here. 

This was sent to me for review from E-Naturalne.


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