NYX’s Pore Filler Face Primer review

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I have yet to try a face primer from NYX before. Naturally I was extremely excited to try this because I have had a lot of great products I like from NYX. Mainly their eyeshadow base, and their eyeshadows themselves are a love of mine. I recently had a nasty bought with adult acne leaving me with scars and larger pores. I bought NYX Cosmetics Pore Filler Primer and have used it on and off for the best 3 months.

This primer had an odd consistency. Not odd in a bad way, but in a different way. I never had a almost chunky feeling primer. I’m guessing that is to help fill in your pores. This primer smooths out over the skin without any problems. It leaves a nice smooth surface feeling afterwards. This has not made me break out.

The only one problem I find, and of course it’s a big one. I find it doesn’t help with the size of my pores. Which is such a bummer since this is advertised to help with large pores. I don’t expect them to disappear but if they looked smaller it would be nice.

There is one thing I absolutely love about this product. This makes my face makeup last for hours! At least over 8 hours. A full school day and some more! It’s an amazing!

As you can see in the photos that my pores are quite noticeable. If I take it far away with a camera it doesn’t pick up my pores. But I do want to stress if you saw me in person you would really see how big more pores are, even with foundation on. Which is such a shame.


  • Long lasting
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • No noticeable scent
  • Gives an even surface to work on


  • Doesn’t fill pores
  • Pricey-ish

VERDICT: Now while it didn’t fill my pores in or shrink them I do like this primer. It really made my makeup last! Now you can buy this from either Ulta, cherryculture.com or NYX website. Sells for about $12. I would try to get it from Ulta because they run a lot of sales mostly bogo50% off on NYX items or buy here , Now will I buy it again. Maybe. I won’t buy it for the reason it makes my pores look smaller. 


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