November Favorites

I swear it was the beginning of November I blinked and now it’s December 7th! Where did all the time go? It’s crunch time right now for college students, so expect a few reviews from me. Because let’s be honest instead of studying I will probably think it’s a good idea to do a blog posts instead hahaha. 

Onto my favorites this past month! 

I have a lot of favorites this month. Let me start off with all the Vitamins you see. This is what I take, and always talk to your doctor before you take any new vitamins.  I never talked about what vitamins I take but I decided to take the plunge and talk about not only what I put on my body but in it as well. 

I take 2 Biotin pills daily. I actually do see an improvement in my hair, and nail growth since I’ve been taking it for 3 months. I love it! 

I also take one B-Complex pill a day. I definitely notice that I feel more awake throughout the day, I can’t tell if it speeds up my metabolism though. 

For as long as I can remember I’m always sick on christmas so I decided to start taking Vitamin C to help my immune system this holiday season. Now I can’t really say or not if this has helped. I haven’t gotten sick yet. A Word to the wise though don’t get the CVS brand chewables they are the grossest things ever. 

Even though I wasn’t too impressed with Maybelline’s Colossal cat eyes, I do like it. I’ve been using it all month. It works better when you have long lashes. review here. 

EOS Alice in Wonderland in Watermelon Wonderland lip balm has been probably my most used lip balm all month. I keep this little sucker in my school bag. It’s not my favorite flavor out of this set, but I want to use it up. I also won’t get too terribly upset if I lost this one, so I kept it with me for school. Surprisingly enough I haven’t lost it yet, figures. Does moisturize well! review here. 

Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck is my favorite Daytime winter perfume. I’ve been wearing this everyday. It’s a sweet vanilla scent, that’s not too overpowering. The bottle is just beautiful! I wish I could find a purple holo like this! 

NYX Pinched blush. It’s the only blush I wore this month. It’s a pretty pinkish-red. It also has gold glitter that’s very subtle. 

Olay active hydration beauty fluid- say that 10 times- is what I’ve been using under my makeup everyday. Sometimes at night as well.  review here. 

Maybelline’s dream matte mouse. I think I found my HG winter makeup. It covers up so well, medium without being cakey. Review should be coming up soon. 


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