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So as you ladies know I was lucky enough to receive the VoxCollege box. In the box they had a lot of nice goodies such as an Impressed nail set. I was saving these bad boys for Thanksgiving, but well they didn’t exactly fit my nails.

If you don’t want to see a really negative review please look away because I see a lot of problems with these that I want to put out. I have long and rounded nail beds, but if you have short and flat nail beds this is PERFECT for you ladies, and I semi-suggest them to you. On to the review.

IMpressed Wink WinkThe fake nails come in this cute packaging. I think it’s a cute way to use a giant nail polish like container to store it. It easy to get to the product and pretty sturdy.

You can find out more information on there website here: Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

IMpressed Wink Wink

 The set comes with 24 different sizes. As you can see from this picture they’re really tiny.

How these nails work is that they already have a sticky glue applied, takes the fuss out of it for you. First you have to figure out which nail to use for each finger once you do. You remove all your nail polish. Wash your hands, than wipe your nails with their prepping wipe to remove extra oils. I love that it comes with a prepping wipe to help insure it’s long lasting. Once you sized and prep you remove the clear backing on the back and press them on your nail, Bam! You’re done, super easy!

IMpressed Wink Wink, impressed too short.

 Now onto what I thought after using these. Please ignore the fact I still have nail polish on, after realizing on thanksgiving that these would not fit my nails I saved them for later to show over nail polish so you can see how small these really are.

The picture to my right is only one hand because I used all the thumb nails on my fingers. They were the only ones long enough. I could only really do one hand. The ones meant for your other fingers are too short length and width wise.

 The picture on the left is my thumb nail. That is a thumb fake nail. It’s too short for my nail. The point in my books for fake nails is to get longer stronger nails. I think it defeats the purpose of fake nails if I have to file my nails for it to fit.

 Here’s a side view of all the thumb nails on my other fingers. You can see that they are the right length. But there was only 6 thumb fake nails. In this picture you can also see that they don’t exactly lay flat on my nails. That’s because I do have rounded nail beds. These fake nails are meant for those with a flat nail bed.

Because these do not lay completely flat it makes them not that sturdy. The fake nails themselves didn’t feel all that sturdy, and they were easy to bend.


Here’s a photo of my pinky with an actual pinky sized fake nail. It doesn’t completely fit my nail, and I would have to cut my pink nail to a painful length for it to actually cover my nail. No thanks.

REMEMBER: I have long and round nail beds. These were sized for those with short and flat nail beds. Keep that in mind. 

VERDICT: Thank god I had some sally hanson effects laying around so I could throw those on my bare nails or thanksgiving would have been a disaster for me!  Pass for long nails. Buy for short nails.  Even though I’m not personally a fan of them, I actually think these would work great for those with short nails. I’m honestly jealous you get to wear these because they have such cute designs. Retails at most drugstores, walmart, ulta, and targets for about $5.99 for colors $7.99 for patterns

Received these in my influenster college voxbox. 


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