Beauty products clean out.

Christmas is over, our gifts still have that shiny newness to them. Life is good. Or at least I think so. To make room for my new goodies it’s time to get rid of makeup I don’t touch. I admit it’s hard. Seeing all that makeup wasted. Some products were awesome but just hit their expiration date. While others I tried once, hated and never touched again.

Ladies it’s time to put our big girl pants on and get ride of old unused products. 2013 is closing in on us, it’s time to make room for all the new goodies we all know we will buy in the new year. It’s tough. I didn’t want to throw my makeup out but it’s needs to be done. Just think of all this new space that needs to be filled up!

A lot of the foundations you see in the above picture is all the wrong color, or super old. I found out stains weren’t for me the hard way. Old eyeshadow palettes that broke. It’s hard to see all this makeup in a pile knowing you have to throw it out. It’s a shame you can’t sanitize makeup or I would have given some of it away to my friends.

 This photo is just the small amount of hair products I just don’t use or touch. I know I’ll never use it so why keep it.

PS Please excuse the mess on the floor I’m in the middle of doing a whole room make over. 

I hope you ladies have a great new year! Can’t wait to spend another year blogging and reviewing makeup.


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