Vaseline rosy lips

vaseline, vaseline rosy lip, vaseline tinI bought this back in July. I actually didn’t start using it till about 3 weeks ago. I’ve used it at least twice a day, sometimes more. I have to put out this warning first. When you have lip products in a tin like this that have pretty low melting point like Vaseline lip products you have to be careful with them. They can melt and reshape if kept in warm places. This is why I waited till the colder months to use this, now onto the review!

This product is a clear pinkish tint product in a small circular tin. It easily glides onto the lips. Because it is in a tin there are some sanitary issues, but I try to keep my fingers out of this product. So I apply this by bringing the tin up to my lips and applying that way.

vaseline, vaseline rosy lip, vaseline tin

I have been using it for the past three weeks at least twice a day and can see that it keeps my lips moisturized. I can’t say that it they’re extra soft because of this- but happily chapped free. Now there is an odd scent and a weird taste to it. The smell is only noticeable because I do have the tin super close to my nose when I apply it. It’s not noticeable on my lips. As for the taste its not exactly bad, but it doesn’t taste great either. For some this maybe a breaking point, for me its liveable. I like that it keeps my lips smooth. It’s not something you want to apply before you kiss someone.
vaseline, vaseline rosy lip, vaseline tin


  • Keeps lips smooth
  • In a purse friendly container.
  • Added bonus contains almond oil.


  • Smells odd
  • Taste odd
  • Can melt and lead to a mess.

VERDICT: Even with the odd smell, and taste I will still use it. I can’t say if I’ll repurchase this or not. I do love using Vasline on my lips so I won’t rule it out. It’s a Meh product. I know you can either buy it on amazon, or ebay. I’ve bought off of ebay, that was in the end $3. Which is kinda a lot, but the product works.

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