October’s 2012 Empties

I’ve never really done an empties post before so bare with me as I fumble along my first time. I didn’t actually finish much is month. Only three products, but I’m now trying to finish things before I buy new ones to try and save some money for this upcoming season.

Sea Salt Spray: I use this for two things. To clean my newish piercing, my tragus, it’s under a year. I also once a week after a deep face clean, spray it all over my face before I put a heavy cream on. repurchase.

Equate’s Coco Butter body lotion. It’s the cheap version of Vaseline’s Coco butter body lotion. It’s about $1 – 2 cheaper. I wish I spent the little extra because I felt like this did a poor job in keeping my skin moisturized. skip

L’Oreal’s EverCreme nourishing shampoo.  It made my hair super heavy. I didn’t feel like it did any benefit to my hair, and I have extremely dry hair.  A Full review coming soon. skip. 

Crest 3D white. I actually feel like this did help whiten my teeth. It made my mouth feel clean when used. repurchase.

Bastise Dry Shampoo, orginal.  I know all over the blogosphere that this is a much loved dry shampoo. This makes day old, or even two day old hair as good as new again. It doesn’t leave a grey cast, nor a lingering scent. It even gives my hair some volume. Which is the best part because on day old hair, the limpness gives it away.  repurchased. 

Shielo’s leave in protectant. I love this stuff. It’s on the pricey side, but it works so well. I did a review here. Spurge. 


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