Glamoflauge: Can it cover tattoos?

 Like I said in my last post holiday season is just around the corner! Which of course I’m super excited!! –As of today there is 39days till my birthday, which for you ladies it means there’s 39 days till christmas!!— As I was saying you may have a tattoo you don’t wanna show your ma or dad just yet. This may work for you. Let’s find out!

I’ve repurchased this concealer at least twice. About a year ago as many as you know I was battle extreme adult acne. This was a life saver. So I will vouch that this is an amazing concealer, very heavy duty. Just like it claims. But the question is, it good enough to cover tattoos?

Let me give you a run down of this concealer first. A little goes a long way. Let me repeat that, a little goes a long way!! I always circle the pencil around the spot I want to cover than use the liquid to fill it in. Always set it with powder and you’re good to go.

 Here’s a photo of my wrist tattoo I will be covering up. Nothing on it but face primer. – If you want any hope of covering something this big up, and want it to last you MUST put a primer on first.

 In the photo below I traced the wording of my tattoo with the pencil, and blended it a bit.

 The photo below is the first layer of pencil, liquid concealer, and powder to seal it. I waited 5 minutes before I started on the next layer.

 Here is the second layer, I just traced a circle around the tattoo with the pencil this time. I filled it in with the liquid concealer, then set it with powder. In real life, you can see the color difference between what I have concealer on and the rest of my wrist.

 The photo above, and below is after my third layer of concealer. I set it with powder as well.

In the finally setting I used Elf’s HD powder in hopes it would blend the faint black lines you still see. I was hoping it would lighten the color of the concealer as well. You can not tell from the photos very well, but you can not only see the faint out line of my tattoo, but also that I was trying to cover it up due to the difference in my skin tone.

Would I suggest this to over up a tattoo? No, I wouldn’t. But I do recommend this as a great face concealer!


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  1. Monica
    November 17, 2012 / 2:42 am

    how long lasting is this? I've been meaning to buy it so it can double as foundation but have been wary of wear time.

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